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  1. I took it 4 times... each time i attempted/failed my superiors at work, peers, friemds, amd family all cheered me on. Yea you feel pressure of “geez they must think this or that”.... it doesnt matter, one pass is all u need. It shows determination To acheive your goals. Compare to an engineering student struggling to graduate to the one who just gave up and switched major to something “easy”. Plus you can inspire others who take it and didnt pass first/fifth/etc attempt.
  2. Plus if you gain that problem-memory you wont need the reference problems... 50 to 60 percent of exam are questions that require combinations of solutions . So be aware of those... NCEES will put the “half answer” as one of your choices for those who dont complete the solution. Just make sure you read and reread each question for what it is actually asking for. best of luck!
  3. It took me 8 years of struggling... quitting... flunking... etc in engineering. Mainly because my close friends didnt go to college and i lacked motivation from certain prerequisite courses. It sucked. I graduated hs in 2000. In 2008, i got a apprentice job as a field hand in a gas process plant. I was super happy, and it also resparked my interest in engineering by seeing all the real applications in front of me. i ended up completing my degree and eventually getting my PE this past year.
  4. It did not change dramatically... however it was better suited for the diacipline. example inwas ME TFS... exam was well focused on the TFS subjects Throughout the tests. I hated on previous attempts a few dynamic/static problems I didnt fully focus on being on thr exam and i get sidetracked or panicked because i cant figure them out inshort time. This was especially discouraging when u skip like 4-5 in a row. I will say the "supplemental material" is on both mornig amd afternoon sessions. (Econ, hydraulics, valves, etc). Those should not be ignored.
  5. Great teacher and explanations for each subject. for me the whole reference books were not helpful in exam... no time time flip through that stuff. repitition of MERM, SMS, NCEES, etc problems will make u gain problem-muscle-memory which is how i finally passed on 4th attempt.
  6. I found the practice exam very helpful as an additional practice test resource. yes there were some errors but justin is quick to respond to inquiries to confirm and fix any mistakes. for 35 bux, imo, worth it
  7. Anyone recommend any software or free spreadsheets for download that can help conduct a load study (240 and 480vac)? also looking for software or freeware for motor control center design. its not my job to conduct these tasks, but i like to have something to check work of 3rd party contractors who do it for us.
  8. Get your hands on as many variations of sample exams and use the reference manual as if is ur only resource. Lindbergs conversion book is also a must. Keep doing the practicr problems over and over. My 4th and successful attempt. Keep in mind the test relies on u to recognize what the question is asking. In ME TF i was able to pick up if it was a fluids, thermo, HT type of problem. Frustrating part is when u think u have it but ur answer is nothing like the answers choices.. thats when ur practice of problems really kicks in. Did u miss a conversion? Small details? Or using wrong variation of the correct equation? These steps helped me get theough that last hour of "ah crap i have 5-10 questions left that im stumped on!"
  9. Both my costs were for the "On Demand" pre-recorded sessions...
  10. Saad, have you taken a course before? I failed 3x as well and passed on 4th. Two of previous times I took School of PE and Dr Toms. Both were good courses, however my successful attempt was starting with problems only. Both classes I took provide good concept and help with the basics of each topic... sample problems help too, but keep in mind those will not be enough. School of PE does not go into the depth of Dr Tom of giving you a study plan and organizing folders. I can tell you that the test does not allow much time to fumble through folders... if you have done enough sample problems on the test, you will have memorized almost every formula. Dr Toms is 750 plus cost of MERM, SMS, NCEES, and conversion book. SoPE is 990, plus those books. Courses are great for a refresher, but problems are the key. I used NCEES 2016, SMS TF, Engineer Pro Guide, and MERM sample problems (from relevant chapters).
  11. Just updated your spreadsheet. MERM was my main source of material. The PPI Thermal Fluids Book they say helped for this exam was not very helpful... stick with the MERM. NCEES 2016 Test, Engineering Pro Guide Sample Test for TF. 6MS TF. MERM problems from relevant chapters (skipped the 1 hour). Passed on my 4th attempt. I am an EE who took the ME TF. My success this time was nothing but problems from day 1 of them and struggle...get better and bored... find more problems... go back to the "bored" problems and see if you still remember to do those. Rinse and repeat.
  12. 34... 10 years out of school. FE at 30.
  13. landolakes

    Garbage Fire

    Im an EE, taking the ME due to what my job duties are. I also ask for A1 at fancy steakhouses.
  14. landolakes

    Garbage Fire

    Argghh you are the dude in college who ruins the curve for everyone.
  15. landolakes

    Garbage Fire

    I agree with TF... some of the "support knowledge" threw me off. My guess is thaT since this was first test of new spec that they tossed in those "what the hell" problems to gauge how ppl will do and use that to refine the future tests. my first run in morning i had 23 that i did no problem... 5-7 were researchable and i answered best to my abilities... others i did educated guess. afternoon was much smoother, at least 27i ran through...another 5 im decent about and rest were guesses. Only reason i end up guessing is i was either fried and couldnt think or just couldnt locate source material. Lets hope for the GREEN PASS!
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