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  1. Not suggesting to 'skip' any references, but for the sake of more info to make your decision... All of the ped questions were capacity related and could be answered out of the HCM. You will need the asphalt book if you want to correctly answer the 'definition' question they throw on.
  2. I passed but agree with this statement.
  3. My PE license has become active on the PA Dept of State website and got assigned a number
  4. Just got THE email from NCEES. PASSED!!!
  5. PA Board finally got back to me. Nothing new... We are anxiously awaiting the results of the exam also. Once we receive and review the import from PCS, they will be authorized to release the results to the applicants. At this time, we have not received the import. Please contact PCS at 1-877-364-3926 for further information.
  6. lol nice. I keep saying that PA is 1 out of 4, but what are the chances that nobody actually took it from VT, NH, or SD??
  7. I really don't mind waiting for something like this, but I hate not knowing when I have to wait until.
  8. No, there is not and it is quite expensive; however, it is not really needed. Just know how to calc crash rates for intersections and highway segments (both in CERM) and you'll be fine.
  9. Is this really what's going to happen with PA? As in, should I stop even checking periodically until later on?
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