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  1. I called Wednesday afternoon and the man I spoke to said they were sending out packets over the next few days. I took the FE in PA so I need to complete the Law Exam still, but we'll get a paper stating we qualify to become a Licensed PE in NJ and will have to sign a form and send a $40 check (price might have changed). The guy also told me to call a few days after I send my paperwork back and they'll give me my number over the phone if it hasn't been posted on the verification page yet. I plan on doing certified mail/next day delivery to get it as soon as I can so I can seek comity in PA.
  2. NJ Results are now up on Ncees (already up on PCS). Passed!
  3. @StructuralBrewer Congrats! I'm on the PCS train, as well, but in NJ. No change here on NCEES yet, so I guess I'm going to F5 happy for the next few hours!
  4. I was wondering the same thing about the law exam. I asked the board about it before the test and they said after I pass they'll send it but I'm seeing a while different thing on PCS.
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