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  1. I took the transportation for EET (took morning and afternoon study sessions) and to be honest made the exam feel easy. I failed the first time when studying by myself so not to make light of the exam. It is difficult, but the course was very thorough.
  2. Fyi, Pennsylvania is no longer a PCS state... You may want to change that on the map
  3. Another goofy regulation in there is that new construction cannot have a traditional fireplace. The only fireplaces allowed in new construction is vented gas fireplaces. Some states have left out that provision, but I believe in PA you cannot get a fireplace without some sort of waiver.
  4. Nope. Just a Clemson Alumni. I do know some of the professors that sit on the board, but not well enough to ask them anything (not that I think they would tell me even if I did).
  5. of their damn minds with the state liquor laws. Seriously, why can't I buy beer at the grocery store or a convenience store? To my coworker... sorry
  6. Seriously guys, how is this topic not up yet?
  7. The exam cycle after I passed. I was seriously hoping to see everyone else suffer through the months of agony as those who preceded them did.
  8. The test in april was no easier than any other cycle. There were just those that were more prepared to take it. Besides, they have common questions peppered into the exam that they know what they typical pass rate is for those questions and that is how the base the cut score.
  9. Feels good to be on the outside looking in for once... I don't envy you.
  10. Good thing. I like the passive aggressive, "I'm cooler than you", approach you have going much better.
  11. wow... they are still adding names? I'm in PA and not only do we have our seals/certs, but my boss already wants me to file for comity to another state. Hope it comes through for you soon...
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