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  1. extrapet007

    Texas Results

    How did you get your PE number if you just got your score? My name doesn't show up on a roster search
  2. I'm going to call...I recommend y'all do the same and so can we can get them to post before COB today or tomorrow at the latest. Don't want to wait through the weekend
  3. Anyone heard anything from the Texas Board? I think we should start calling TBPE...
  4. LOL..I think we really need the cute cut score this year . I agree there were too many random and obscure questions...especially the endless conceptual problems. The test format has totally changed in recent years from what I heard and petroleum being so broad makes the test a nightmare. I know the conceptual questions are necessary to an extent but they don't have to be 60+% of the test! Wasted so much time checking references that I had to totally guess on a few questions on both the AM & PM. Hoping for the best...
  5. Hey @tryandtryagain, I see you took the dreaded petroleum test this year again. I did too...missed it narrowly last year and I don't know what to expect this go around. I honestly think it was tougher this year even though I felt better prepared. Do you think the decoupling thing in TX will help lower the cut score?
  6. I'm a first timer and I put in a lot of hours studying for the test too. I just didn't expect to spend more than half my time checking my references to answer tricky word problems. On a positive note, if most test takers felt the same way after the test, I'm sure they'll put a good looking curve on the scoring. I guess we'll find out next week
  7. Yeah...everyone I talked to felt horrible after the test. There were just too many word problems. Do you think this year was more difficult than last year? Pass rate for last year was only 57% (1st timers was 71% though...). Hoping we get curved into a passing score.
  8. Nice to see another petro test taker here. How did you feel after the test? I thought it was HARD!!! AM was okay but PM felt like the test from hell
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