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  1. I am finally registered today on April 20th. So exactly Three months! I am always checking the status using email, you can call as well. They answer the calls and reply emails quickly.
  2. I didn't receive it yet. But it has been approved, and in the process of generating the numbers. It takes 3 months for me. The keys are: 1. Provide very detailed experience in your NCEES experience form 2. Keep an eye by calling or emailing them every 2 to 3 weeks. Good luck, everyone!.
  3. I transferred my PE to NY PE using NCEES. The process was slow, but smooth. I was not asked for the experience form 4A. I think that I need to share my positive experience with others. NCEES do help you in the PE transfer process even in the most stringent stage-NY state. The key is that you have to describe your experience fully and carefully in your NCEES record. I wrote one page for each job. I even included the equations.
  4. I heard if you have a non-abet degree, i.e. from oversea university, you can only get 6 credits, if your bachelor degree is from abet program, you will get 8 credits, that means if you have a non-abet bachelor degree, you need an extra 2 years to be a PE. I have my degree evaluated from NCEES, but I don't think NCEES evaluation of non bet bachelor degree will be considered as Abet equivalent by NY board. Any experience regarding this?
  5. OK, for those Non-NY members, here is the link The board is using NYS everywhere. I am surprised that this format is bothering someone.
  6. I guess I should pay attention to what I should post here. The grammar, the spelling, etc., all can bother our engineers. I have another post, and people comment me not having the capital letter for the first word, not having a question mark in the end.
  7. Good one, thank you for explaining to him. I think most of people know what I mean in NY. NYS is a very normal way to call NY. I apologize for bothering some CAS, LOL.
  8. Dear fellow members. I am a PE and LEED Ap. Now it is the time that I need to renew my LEED Ap. I don't want to lose it, as I spent a lot of efforts to get it. I am trying to take the continue education, which requires 30, 6 credits LEED specific. I am thinking to use the free classes on Trane, as my current employer is not paying for it. Any thoughts and comments? What is your renew experiences. Thank you.
  9. I put it at the end of my resume in bold font. I think it helps a little bit for my job hunting.
  10. I have a PE in another state. I am in the process to transfer my PE to NYS. My NCEES record has established and transmitted to NYS. I read it on their policy, NYS only have 60 days to access this information. If everything is smooth, how long I could get my PE? I tried very hard to be in detail for my experience, so that NYS will not demand another 4A form to do my experience again. I hope this is not a wishful thinking. Thank you guys.
  11. If that is the case, I would suggest you to get PE first from the first one, and transfer the one stating "4 years exp then pass the test"
  12. Thank you, I was able to use it in Arizona and it did not give me any trouble.
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