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  1. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    In case anyone is wondering when wall certificates are going to be mailed out, I got mine in the mail yesterday.
  2. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    Both the verification and online license service sites show a license number and active status.
  3. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    Just got home after a long day and checked. License number is up. Call them and follow up. I ended up having my activation paperwork faxed.
  4. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    I don't have my number(yet) but, the wait is almost over. To pass time I've been checking this site (https://newjersey.mylicense.com/eGov/Login.aspx) since it has more info than the license verification website. I guess it updates whenever something for your application is logged into their system. It's been a great tool tracking application progress and being able to see (slow) movement. Not sure when the license verification site is updated. The checklist looks something like this -> It's not mine but, an older one floating around the forums. My print screen key is probably broken (lol).
  5. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    Paperwork was delivered on New Years Eve. Checked the online licensing site. It has my profile updated to show the law exam passed. Only field still blank is the 'initial license/permit/cert fee' field.
  6. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    Called after seeing a update in my profile and found out the mailing date is related to the "passed the PE" date on the online licensing website. After almost 2 weeks for a envelope to go 10 miles, odds are it's lost somewhere. So, I ended up having paperwork faxed to me. Filled everything out and made it to the post office right before close. Certified with return receipt. Now to play the waiting game. Advice: Check the online license service website for status and save a phone call if needed. If you don't have a login click the "person" option next to "forgot password" and enter your information.
  7. kwyjibo

    NJ Paperwork from Boards

    Glad to hear someone already received their paperwork. I figure if it doesn't arrive soon, I could just drive down there and pick it up in person since I have days I need to take off. My fingers are crossed there isn't a snafu and the paperwork arrives soon. Unrelated, but I recently had a issue with NJ and my inspector paperwork. Took 5 attempts and 4 months to get my license renewed. The person I dealt with was adamant and claimed to have written the address on the envelopes perfect. So each envelope that was labelled return to sender was simply stuffed into another envelope and mailed back out. I got fed up and had them send it to my workplace. The address number was transposed on 4 envelopes, all had the same error.
  8. kwyjibo

    NJ Results Officially Up!

    Has anyone received their paperwork (or license number) yet?
  9. kwyjibo

    NJ Results Officially Up!

    Typically, how long does it take from the release of results until the activation letters are mailed out? I followed the advice posted from previous exams and called the Board to confirm the mailing address on file. However, after confirming the rep mentioned that the activation paperwork will take a minimum of 10 weeks to be mailed. Does NJ send activation letters to those that have already passed the law exam first? Or is it a toss up every exam on how things are handled?