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  1. I did two payments.. How do I get the Supporting member identification?
  2. Paid as well. If I did not find this site I would not have passed.
  3. This class provided me with the training and tools to pass easily on the 2nd go. I used EET for the PM portion for Geotech. Very helpful. Exposed my 'gaps'.
  4. Old thread. Maybe someone can clarify on a few questions. 1. When specifying the type of experience, do they weigh it all equal per month e.g (design / charge/ professional) 2. What is sub professional, i.e , I read what it means but is it deducted or not relevant? 3. How helpful is the board in explaining your experience, and if its good to go. 4. Does Grad school count as experience? Would it count towards that 8year mark? I passes my PE, I'm coming up on four years experience + my ABET 4 y bachelors in civil therefore I believe I'm good to go. I appreciate your comments..
  5. 2nd Pass--Civil Geotech--Beat the odds 25% pass rate for repeat takers! I used EET for the PM portion. I am thankful for what this site allows, collaboration and networking to assist goals. Thank you.
  6. Ranger88


    Thank you all. This was my second go. Feels great.
  7. Ranger88


  8. Exactly. I sent a email, phone calls, im sure they love me. I just want a response.
  9. I wish we had the map as a indicator!
  10. I sent a email to my state technical licensing. I hope they respond better than they have via phone...
  11. I hope so. Particularly for West Coasters.
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