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  1. Do I need more practice problems?

    Which practice exams are you using? I highly recommend the six-minute solutions exams. They best represent the level of difficulty of the actual exam. You can save 15% from PPI on the practice exam with this link. I also have some information on my website that may help http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/
  2. I have several continuing education courses available at https://www.suncam.com/continuing-education/100259.html if you are interested. I plan on creating more on that site and a couple other sites. I also do seminar courses with ASME on occasion. Please help me spread the word. Thanks!!
  3. Check out my two-part continuing education course for professional engineers. The course covers everything engineers should know about designing welded connections. https://www.suncam.com/courses/100259-01.html for part 1 and https://www.suncam.com/courses/100259-02.html for part 2.
  4. https://suncam.com/ has good courses at low cost.
  5. Engineering facility ideas?

    I guess it depends some on what people would really use the space for. CAD systems with 3D software (such as Inventor or Solidworks) would be good. A 3D printer would be good if they need to print prototypes.
  6. Hey y'all

  7. Hello

  8. The courses from PPI are really good. https://ppi2pass.com/customer/account/login/?partnerid=MPA15&redir=mechanical-pe-machine-design-and-materials-live-online-review-course.html&utm_source=MPA15affiliate
  9. Hello

  10. Introduction

    Hello, I am James Doane. I have a PhD in mechanical engineering, 10 years of industrial experience, 10 years of academic experience, and I have a PE in Indiana. I am the founder of Mechanical PE Academy http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/ which is a website developed to help people pass the FE and PE exam. The website has free study guides and 'get started' courses, and I plan on developing more detailed review courses soon. I am also currently the Chair of the engineering department at the University of Jamestown. My goal is to teach young engineers and help the become professional engineers.
  11. You can get a free 10-week study guide for the PE exam here http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/mechanical-pe-exam-study-guides/ along with other information. You can use the promo code MPA15 to save 15% on PPI books as well through the website.
  12. I have developed a website http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/ to help people prepare for the FE and PE exams. I have a free study guide for the PE exam here http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/mechanical-pe-exam-study-guides/ and I plan on making review courses as well.
  13. Anyone have a promo code for PPI?

    I have one that does not expire. MPA15 will save you 15%.
  14. Reference list for Mechanical exam?

    This page has some tips on books to use and has some opportunities to save money through PPI using a promo code. http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/reference-books/
  15. You can get a FREE 10 week study guide to help you prepare for the Mechanical PE exam. http://www.mechanicalpeacademy.com/mechanical-pe-exam-study-guides/