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  1. Talk to the board and they will tell you what to do. I believe there is a way. You just need to talk to them!!
  2. Thanks. Yes, you have to show 3 years of work experience after your CA PE to be licensed Structural Engineer in CA. I do however work in CA so that part was okay.
  3. Dont over think it buddy. Just make sure you have the correct load combination a long with the correct checks per MSJC 13. Make sure you have jot down out-of-plan procedure and in-plan procedure for CMU. Remember you have to show like you know what you are doing, dont get into the weeds too much. make sure you get the overall concept of things.
  4. I spoke too early. I just received my approval notice early this week on Wednesday and should be expecting License number next Friday. Thank you
  5. Has anybody had an experience with submitting their application to California board for SE application by Comity and care to share their experience. I am currently waiting through technical review and wander how long it this process take. I also had a comment on my application and I fixed and sent it back. Any feedback would be great.
  6. congrats buddy time to celebrate. GOD IS GOOD
  7. Hey guys, It is finally over, The LORD is truelly on my side. I have passed this exam and it is finished. God bless you all. Please message me if you need any help...
  8. Do NOT give up buddy, keep on pressing all you need help with is the Morning. Yes, I remember the morning being tough.... God bless you and give you peace.
  9. No I was in Las Vegas. God bless you and all of us.
  10. I am with you in NV. God bless you and I and May he shine his face upon us. I am still waiting buddy.
  11. I really believe something should start happening tomorrow..... God bless
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