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  1. congrats buddy time to celebrate. GOD IS GOOD
  2. Hey guys, It is finally over, The LORD is truelly on my side. I have passed this exam and it is finished. God bless you all. Please message me if you need any help...
  3. Do NOT give up buddy, keep on pressing all you need help with is the Morning. Yes, I remember the morning being tough.... God bless you and give you peace.
  4. No I was in Las Vegas. God bless you and all of us.
  5. I am with you in NV. God bless you and I and May he shine his face upon us. I am still waiting buddy.
  6. I really believe something should start happening tomorrow..... God bless
  7. Daily message: Guys, Guys, Guys, stay positive and encourage one another. Results will be out sooner than you think. I think it could be Friday as it has not been released on Thursday before, but again, they could finish inputting the results in and release late today. Remember God loves you. Stay positive.. Yaz
  8. God bless our souls. It is been tough hang in there ladies and gents. We should have them very soon (day or two). I have this beautiful feeling......
  9. Any hope for today, guys???
  10. Duke, well said my man, I second everything said above. "Blessed are you that believes without seeing". I questioned it too, trust me, once I humbled myself and accepted it that I will accept that it is true, then things started to change. Sure it is much easier to go through life being hard headed and ignoring the Love of the Lord and his blessing in your life, but believing and walking with Jesus is an amazing journey that I personally enjoy every single day. I rest my case!! back to the exam results, where are they? you guys think today?
  11. Another day another struggle. God bless may this day bring peace to all.
  12. Dude, you dont need to follow your parents foot steps. You just humble yourself and ask him if he is there? dont take no one else is word. I can grantee you, if you pay attention to the signs and open your heart and mind, it would be very clear to you my friend. Yaz
  13. Don't be too hard on yourself. The Lord loves us all. Our Lord knows it all too, my friend, your ups and your downs (no surprises) . No need to think about burning for eternity for the Lord Jesus came to save us all. You should not let thoughts tell you otherwise, the Lord is above it all and knows what is best for all of us. I hope this helps you. All I was trying to say is that I am pray for all of us that we may have a positive outcome......
  14. This is the weeks Folks. God bless us all. I pray for good ending of this long wait. May the Lord Jesus show his mercy to all of us here. YAZ
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