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  1. I know buddy, This time I pray we get questions that we can answer. we are very close.
  2. Yes, sir, I have to come up with a new plan to tackle this test. Pray that we get it done next time
  3. Yes sir. I am thinking of what to do next. The good news is that I did not see any problems that were new to me even if I did not answer them correct, so I don't know what the plan is, but there will be one that will get this slight off to the finish line. I have to.....
  4. Unfortunately I did not pass second time around, I am really bummed, put hopeful. The sad part is that I knew my stuff but could not illustrate it to the grader for the afternoon. I will have to do it again and I have to come up with a way to tackle the afternoon this time. My morning was 30/40 and afternoon was IR,IR,U,A Yaz
  5. congrats, this an amazing achievement....
  6. Congrats, I pray I have the same results. That is what I am waiting for.....
  7. Congrats, May the Lord bless us all with good news.
  8. I am in Orange County, Irvine area. Let me know if that works. Thank you
  9. what material did you use for lateral buildings to study. Thank you
  10. Thank you. The good news is that I know what I messed up on. I will have to fix these areas and get it done next round. Thank you all for your support.
  11. Aright, everyone. I did not make it either. I was very close though. 24 in the morning and A,IR,A,IR Very bummed but I am getting ready for another round. Prayers to all.
  12. Congrats. I am still waiting on Nevada to release. I pray to get good news. Go celebrate it is a good day for you, congrats again
  13. Congrats. Pray I have the same results.
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