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  1. I agree this is too long for everyone to wait for the results. I think that's why NCEES has targeted 2024 for a computer based SE exam. If you can wait that long then might be the best option. Otherwise, just try to not think about it and before you know the NCEES email will be in your inbox. Fingers crossed that you all passed!
  2. I don't know what the EET binders consist of. Although I saw a picture a couple weeks ago and they looked pretty big, so maybe it covers everything you would need. If EET only covers buildings and you are looking for some bridge study material, then my book should be sufficient to get at least familiar with the AASHTO code. I wrote my book for the "building engineer" who needs practice bridge problems.
  3. First piece of advice, split the components into different weekends. Do not do both vertical and lateral the same weekend. I know there is temptation to try to knock it out all in one weekend, but it rarely ends up being the correct choice. Plus, you are running low on time. I did lateral first and actually found it easier to study for. For your study plan, follow the NCEES SE exam specification and split your time based on the proportion of problems that are given on the exam. For seismic you will need to work every problem in the SEAOC IBC 2015 Seismic Design Manuals. Certainly Volume 1, volumes 2-4 will also be good. I'd get this book first. Wind - ASCE guide to wind loads book. Know all of the design tables in the AISC codes so you can use them efficiently to save time. ACI will probably be the hardest code to wrap your head around. Start familiarizing with it now. Masonry - Get the 2015 Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures book by the cmacn.org Timber - Breyer book is old, but probably still the best one that is still on the market. Get the PPI 16 hour SE exam for buildings by Joseph Schuster. It is a much better representation of the exam difficulty. The NCESS practice SE exam is somewhat of a joke in how much easier it is vs. the actual exam. Finally, you will have about 10 bridge design problems in the morning. I have written a book specifically for the building engineer that needs practice doing bridge problems for the SE exam. You can purchase my book by visiting my website. www.davidconnorse.com Good luck!
  4. Yes, also please be aware of "Extreme Event Limit State" resistance (phi) factors. Under the steel chapter, section 6.5.5 the resistance factor (phi) = 1.0 for extreme event limit states, except for certain bolt/shear conditions. There are similar uses of different phi factors for concrete for Extreme Event Limit States, but they typically show up in the Seismic portions of the chapter. See,,, and 5.5.5.
  5. Wow, that's an Aash (to) load of binders.
  6. Ha, the dirty secret is, I haven't actually done a "real-life" bridge since the early 2000s. But I can read the AASHTO code and come up with multiple choice bridge questions.
  7. Ah, I thought the workshop was the week before. But hopefully they can get the results out to you guys by the 14th. That's where I would set the over/under date.
  8. I know it is borderline torture waiting for the SE results, but there isn't anything the person at the other end of the NCEES chat can do about it. The SE exam just takes longer to grade because of the essay portion, and they probably don't even start grading the multiple choice portions until the PE exams are done. But, you can pretty much take it to the bank that you will receive your results between June 10-14th. Until then, if you have another component to take next time or are pretty sure you didn't pass, I wouldn't waste the time waiting for the results and go ahead and get the study ball rolling for October.
  9. Those are PE results that are coming out. I think someone said the SE exam grading workshop is going to be sometime after Memorial Day, so I would say 2nd week of June.
  10. Yes, the 8th edition of AASHTO did undergo some fairly major changes. A lot of it organizational, but some of it conceptual. One change is that wind loads are determined similar to buildings. So, if you are a "buildings" person, then that change may actually be beneficial to you.
  11. I think they make the switch to IBC 2012/ASCE 7-10 in 2015. I know they were still on IBC 2009/ASCE 7-05 for the April 2014 exam.
  12. Thanks for pointing those out. Good info. I also don't think they would help much on the SE exam, but certainly is a good "conceptual" starting point for studying seismic for the SE exam.
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