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  1. Darn (for me, good for you). I am applying for SE comity (as soon as I get the Seismic and Surveying out of the way) as a bridge practitioner. It seems the application is geared towards building practitioners, so I am curious to hear how bridge practitioners have handled the SE application.
  2. YAZ, are you a building or bridge focused practitioner?
  3. Interesting. I've been reading these forums and it never crossed my mind that the date of your qualifying experience could be the determining factor, but it makes sense. How about applying for comity with 8 years of experience and having your check cashed on August 9th? Would you expect that to be approved by September 30th, assuming all application forms are correct and qualifying experience applicable? I feel like I'm pushing it to be approved in time to take it the 4th quarter. I'm an AASHTO guy, but I still have ASCE 7-10 and all of my seismic notes from the SE a few years ago. I'm really hoping I'm approved to test before Q1 2020 so that I don't have to upgrade to ASCE 7-16, etc.
  4. I would assume that the PM graders won't know your identity. In fact, your name isn't on your PM answer booklet and you are instructed not to write your name anywhere. They just have a number on the front.
  5. 2nd'ed. And deflection compatibility/flexibility method.
  6. I guess I misunderstood, my apologies.
  7. Agree. I just wanted to clarify that you can't combine a passing morning from April with a passing afternoon from October etc.
  8. Let me clarify further. Just because the problems are meant to be 6 minute problems doesn't mean they are easy. I felt like the structural analysis portion of the Vertical AM was the toughest part of the entire SE for me. The examiners will make sure that you understand the analysis methods. I also felt like a better structural analysis foundation would have helped me sail through the test with a bit less stress. So to wrap up, you're on the right track brushing up on structural analysis now. I would just say to work some practice problems from NCEES or PPI so that you can get an idea of the type of problems you'll see.
  9. If your Hibbeler text covers all of the methods listed on the NCEES specifications then I don't see any reason to upgrade. Besides, Hibbeler is a good book. Just be familiar with the methods listed and remember that the problems they ask in the morning are intended to be solvable within 6 minutes. The SERM and CERM Structural Analysis sections are good references as well.
  10. That is not correct. You cannot add a breadth from one sitting to the depth from another sitting. I don't think it is helpful to keep introducing these false claims. The rules are easily searchable: Morning and Afternoon are Breadth and Depth, respectively. Vertical 8 hr and Lateral 8 hr are each a "component". You must pass both components within a 5 year period.
  11. I hate to be like this, but that's patently ridiculous.
  12. Well here are April 2016 passing rates...
  13. Yes,the consensus is if you get one "not acceptable" on the afternoon you will fail. If you get two "needs improvements" you will probably fail. You probably need to get 32 right on the morning as well, maybe 30 if you do well on the afternoon. Search for a post back from late summer/early fall 2016 that discussed the Cut Scores.
  14. I would think you'd be fine. Especially if you can look at someone's 7th (ignore interims!) and mark up any changes to resistance factors, etc like Bassplayer suggested.
  15. Are you taking buildings or bridge afternoon? If buildings, then I think you'll be fine, like Bassplayer said. Either way I would order David Connor's updated book of bridge problems ( He will have highlighted some of the pertinent changes to the 7th and updated a few problems accordingly. This might help you if NCEES decides to ask a question that is dependent on the code change (very likely).
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