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  1. NateM

    EET-SE Review

    I made a smaller quick reference binder (1") that I used for 80% of the test. In that one I put the "cheat sheets", additional pdfs they provide, screenshots of helpful lecture slides, a few particularly applicable examples, and most of the concrete/steel narrative notes (the non-slide portions). I left most things in the big binder with extreme tabbing, but wanted to avoid flopping it open whenever possible. I mostly used it for examples on the afternoon and harder morning problems (after I'd solved the ones I could do with the quick ref binder).
  2. NateM

    EET-SE Review

    I failed the lateral buildings twice, so I tried to figure out the best course option to take before my third try. I took EET for the Lateral buildings because these forums made it sound like the definite option if you want to guarantee passing. I passed in October thanks to the class, so I would like to add to the positive reviews. If you want to pass, take EET. Watch all the lectures; do all the homework; organize the materials they give you for optimal usage during the test; pass.