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  1. Got mine too. Any of you fellow Washingtonians have plans for the wall cert when it comes? Following some of the fancy frame ideas people have posted in other threads?
  2. I think they expire on your birthday. And if I remember, they expire your very next birthday this first time, then it's every two years.
  3. Woohoo mine is up! Anyone else??
  4. I took mechanical, but alphabetically I should be seeing mine very soon.
  5. @poke386 PE is your last name relatively earlier or later in the alphabet? And what discipline did you take?
  6. I'm pretty early in the alphabet and mine still isn't there [emoji31]
  7. Yep, fully aware of the exam results vs. licensing process. Anyone even contemplating sitting for the exam ought to recognize that distinction. WA verifies applications before allowing applicants to sit for the exam so all I'm saying is once results are out, it's a matter of continuing the serial license numbers and assigning them to applicants with passing scores. Not the end of the world if they're not out quickly. Just saying it shouldn't be that difficult to do so.
  8. For some reason I'm thinking it would be the same number, but I don't actually know. It doesn't matter for me anyway, my EIT is in a different state.
  9. Truth. Just being impatient
  10. No reason why it has to be one of those options. What would be the difficulty in releasing results and license numbers in quick succession?
  11. I also noticed that before this week, the database updated each day between 5 and 6 pm, and the time varied a little. This week it has been exactly 3:06 am every day. Not saying that means anything, but something seems strange.
  12. Seriously!! (One of the) first out with results, and now so slow at actual licensing.
  13. Just got back on the computer. Wow those photos ended up quite large.
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