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  1. Shadyplay PE 2015

    Colorado Results!!!

    Do it chiiidog! I have been waiting patiently but this waiting sucks. Emotions are like a banjo string 😬😬🤯😤
  2. Shadyplay PE 2015

    Oct 2018 Post Exam Wait - Welcome to the Suck

    Most of us will know PE release is critically close when the “2018 October Results” comment folder is initiated 🧐
  3. Shadyplay PE 2015

    Green Book 2018

    Transportation books in general cost $1,000-$2 ,000 for testing purposes. Does the board look at these costs? If significant changes I could see requiring latest edition. Plus any prep class you may take. Time spent studying and red failure symbol is priceless.
  4. Shadyplay PE 2015


    I am hoping to pass this go. A lot of hard work (as always) will pay off one of these times. I have taken transportation each time. May try water resources if this doesn’t pan out. The morning wasn’t too bad but the afternoon was brutal.
  5. Shadyplay PE 2015

    Colorado Results

    I Failed in Colorado, Civil!!! Not what I was expecting. I thought I did really good on soils and few other areas. The score shows different. So heartbreaking when you put so much "time", money and effort into something and fail. Of course everyone at work will be asking the question if you passed. Than there is the promotion that I really want and need that will be delayed. Not the way I wanted to start the week. I told my wife that all I wanted for Christmas was to pass the test (because I was neglecting family for 2 months leading up to test). Lump of coal for me :-( I chilled a 10yr old bottle in hopes of celebrating. Congrats to all that passed. I know the hard work that goes into passing test.
  6. Shadyplay PE 2015

    No Oct '15 Transpo comments?

    First time posting on the EB. Third time taking test but the second time I took it I didn't study (long story) and forgot calculator I use for surveying problems. I took the transpo and I studied almost everything that was on the test but I still had to work them out. I was running behind on time for both AM & PM tests and sometimes you have to make some educated guesses. In the past I have always tried to use the bathroom half way thru to get blood moving. I went thru both the sessions without going and I am sure that saved me some time. I think this is the first time I ever done that. The AM felt good/better tham PM. I had trouble on one of the problems finding the conversion and found it right at the end of exam. Changed the answer right as time was expiring. I didn't have the right books on the theoretical problem/s but took highly educated guess. Test felt good and I got "answers" but long wait ahead.