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  1. Thank you for respond, and how many months you study for PE by using his course ?
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently failed my 2nd attempt for Power PE, and I am thinking to take review class and I have seen some of review course such as SOPE, PPI, testmaster, and Zach stone review course. Can anyone give me some opinions for those course who have taken with them ? I recently heard some good comments about Zach Stone's review course, and please recommend other course if anyone have good suggestion. Thank you !
  3. Hello everyone, I knew there had some topic changed since 2017 etc on electrical power PE exam, and i am wondering if practice exam from NCEES had any change since the topic change ? is it need to buy the latest one, because i had old one 2010 version from my friends ? Thanks !
  4. I am interesting this book, is $120 include shipping? Thank you !
  5. Hello, you are not alone. I passed my FE electrical in 6th times within years, and before I passed it that I had the same feeling as you and though I was not a suitable engineer to stay in the industry. I would say practice many questions as you can and over and over, like PPI quiz bank, NCESS practice question, review course question( i took School of PE so i did over and over), and get familiar of concept. that how I did to pass it. hope this can help. Good luck !
  6. pigking8190

    Fe pass

    I believe my experience can encourage you to keep moving on, I passed my FE in 6th time. So sometimes it really takes times to find a way to study and pass it. You are not alone!
  7. Don't be frustrated, I passed mine in 6th time so you are not alone, before that I hated to study those stuff too over and over. I took school of PE and go a little deeper for each subject to understand more, and search online to find practice as much as I can. Good luck !!
  8. Hi Everyone, I plan to take Power PE in next April, can anyone recommend study materials and what materials should bring in test date ? If i want to take Review course, which one is better ? School of PE or testmaster ? Thanks !!
  9. That was pretty much same as I did. And I also did ppi quiz bank after they finished each topic. I think I may too focusing on solving problem, then should more focus on understanding each topic. Anyways thank you for your advice! !!
  10. Yes, i did, and i got about 80%. I felt their electronic was doing pretty well, but there is one of professor who taught digital system, software, computer, electrical material, engineering science was did pretty bad job. then I need to study harder. However, how did you study mean while use their review course ?
  11. Hi Bluenigh802 I usually study 2 to 3 hour in weekday after work and weekend about 5 hour. I studied about 4 months. Yes, sometimes review course doesn't explain well that I did go online to do some research and watch some video on YouTube as well. I think I did a lot of question like PPI quiz bank, practice exam, and other source. I kind felt condident when going to take test but it another way when I actual in the exam. Would you like to share your study strategy to me for reference ? thanks.
  12. Yes, i took school of PE for electrical
  13. TWJ PE see attached for my diagnostic. This time I took FE electrical course with SOPE and used PPI practice exam. In the beginning, I felt kind of confident about exam but the exam was feel different way. I think I need study for conceptually of each topic and not just keep did question. Please give any advice ! Thanks, 2016_C04_06_Examinee_Diagnostic_872410_1452143_574365b1ea0b3.pdf
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