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  1. I got mine this morning so that means I failed 😔
  2. Initially NCEES send survey as a second chance to all the people who has failed. Based on the survey performance they let few examinees pass. As soon as they receive all the survey feedback NCEES finalizes the passing rate and release it to the boards.
  3. Sorry to hear your job situation. About the exam I think I had a similar sorts of experience. Had to guess couple in the morning and afternoon.
  4. Hopefully you’ll get proper sleep. I’m aiming to take little sleep tonight. Not study tomorrow at all, just take it easy travel to the exam site. Hopefully by tomorrow night I won’t have any problem to fall asleep.
  5. How’s everyone doing. Couldn’t sleep properly last night. Dreamt all along how to size a OCPD!
  6. Before my Mechanical PE exam I trained myself for 2 weeks going to bed by 11 pm and wake up at 6 am. As usual on the exam night I went to bed at 11 PM but guess what I woke up at 12:30 AM. I had only 1 hour 30 minutes sleep, I couldn't sleep the whole night. The worst thing going to the exam hall on that morning was the pessimistic mindset, I was terrified how I am gonna survive this brutal 8 hours exam. But anyway I passed, so at the end lack of sleep didn't become a big issue.
  7. How do I find that PE reference manual? I logged in my account but didn't find anything.
  8. In general it is better to understand than Blackburn. Also I understood differential protection and distance relay better from this book.
  9. try this book chapter 10. its free to download. Let me know if that helps, because I only prepared myself for protection from this book. Power System Analysis and Design 6th Edition By J Duncan Glover and Thomas Overbye and Mulukutla S Sarma
  10. I can see myself in similar situation on April 5th, I have so many reference materials. I even think it will be embarrassing on the exam day.
  11. You can if you want to. I have to say Power PE is whole different ball game compare to Mechanical. But I have learned a lot, hopefully I will pass. Good luck to ya'll.
  12. 32 Masters in Mechanical Engineering. PE Mechanical TFS April 2016 Taking Power PE April 2019.
  13. Messi will score a hatrick on exam day!
  14. That's a very generalized question. Be specific.
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