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  1. Phenomenon083

    How is the font size of the exam

    They provide you A mechanical Pencil and that is more than enough to finish the exam.
  2. Phenomenon083

    CBT Power PE Exam 2021

    That actually nullify the whole point of making the exam computer based. Obviously all the information to solve a problem will be in the PDF, we would just have to figure out how to find it. The only difficulty would be we will step into unknown territory, it will take couple exam cycles to figure out really how and what to study for power PE exam and someone to come up with a good exam preparation book for the power PE exam. Also I think CBT exam will be cheaper for us, we won't have to break the bank to buy all the reference materials for the exam.
  3. No. You don't have to study fluids and thermo for Machine Design and Materials exam. It used to test all the discipline on AM section but it does not anymore.
  4. Phenomenon083

    Reference Material to take it exam room

    Move on to next question please!
  5. Phenomenon083

    MERM 13TH EDITION Solution Book for Sale

    MERM Practice Problems 13th edition. Pristine condition. No markups whatsoever. Price $50 including shipping.
  6. I am pretty sure it doesn't exists. This would be awesome tho if we had a book dedicated for Protection practice problems.
  7. Phenomenon083

    References for Power PE Exam Preparations

    Bought 70E regardless. Already spent more than $1500 for this exam so didn't mind spending $50 extra.
  8. Does this book exists? Never heard of it.
  9. Phenomenon083

    References for Power PE Exam Preparations

    Other than NEC how many questions will be on the exam from those references? I am contemplating if I should buy those references.
  10. Phenomenon083

    PE Exam time

    No it doesn't get added to the afternoon session. If you finish early on the morning session you can use the remaining available time to check and recheck your answers.
  11. Phenomenon083

    Useful References for Power PE Exam.

    I bought and tried to read through Protective Relaying Principles and Applications, Blackburn but it's notoriously difficult to follow this book.
  12. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    So it took more than a month but I finally got the approval from LAPELS. Case resolved.
  13. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    No. taking PE exam on additional discipline. Electrical power.
  14. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    They have specific instruction do not register at NCEES without board approval. Even when I talked with them on phone they said the same thing.