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  1. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    So it took more than a month but I finally got the approval from LAPELS. Case resolved.
  2. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    No. taking PE exam on additional discipline. Electrical power.
  3. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    They have specific instruction do not register at NCEES without board approval. Even when I talked with them on phone they said the same thing.
  4. Phenomenon083

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    How useful is this book for Power PE preparation? Considering to other references like engproguides, graffeo, NCEES and now extra focus on Protection books. I bought one but I don't think i will have enough time to practice CI.
  5. Phenomenon083

    Louisiana State PE Exam Approval April 2019

    All my documents and records should be fine. I just wonder when they would notify me April 2019 PE exam approval. We are already in the second week of December.
  6. Has anyone got approved for the April 2019 for Louisiana state (LAPELS)? I have been calling them for the application updates, they are saying my application is on queue and they will let me know when they are done processing it. I wonder when? I sent all my documents to board way before the deadline. I am preparing for the April 2019 exam, spent a lot of money to buy all the books what if they decide not to let me take the April 2019 exam. Just another tension.
  7. Phenomenon083

    April 2019

    This would be especially great for protection problems.
  8. Phenomenon083


    I bought Blackburn as well. But I am just wondering how much will I absorb and retain by just reading through this book, also how much effective would that be? Time is very short. This is a text book only, not intended for PE test. Plus, this book is not easy to read like Wildi. I wish we had some resources for protection which is geared toward PE test.
  9. Phenomenon083

    New Jersey Results!

    True that. I live in NJ but I will take my next PE exam in LA.
  10. Phenomenon083

    October 2018 Results Map

    Go Bulldogs!
  11. Phenomenon083

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    PE exam is hit or miss mostly. IMO you shouldn't give up. You already have experience and preparation for this exam. Just keep practicing and focus on week areas.
  12. Phenomenon083

    October 2018 - Power PE Results & Survey

    Sounds like pass or fail everyone really struggled on Protection.
  13. Phenomenon083

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    That 25 killed it basically. What was it?
  14. Phenomenon083

    April 2019

    On top of that they ask you to solve those problems in 6 mins!
  15. Phenomenon083

    April 2019

    If the exam is intended to determine the minimum competency of an examinee then why would you throw hard ones or curve balls? I suggest don't grade on those hard ones, NCEES can use those as a research purpose.