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  1. Phenomenon083

    Practice exam

    I don't think you need to practice NCEES or Engproguides exam more than 3 or 4 times. By that time you'll know in and out of all those problem. The idea is to make sure you know the underlying theory very well so that you can solve any problem no matter how many different ways they throw those problems to you.
  2. Phenomenon083

    Practice exam

    Obviously not, i will be surprised as well. Obviously anyone needs to know the underlying theories very well to pass it. I do understand CI, Spin-Up and Graffeo practice problems are good for drilling in concepts but the difficulty level of these problems are not close to the real thing. Everyone says NCEES and especially engproguides exam are closest to the real thing. So i was just wondering, what if I practice NCESS and engproguides exams repeatedly (like 5/6 times) and know the underlying theories to solve those problems like back of my hand? This might just help me to pass.
  3. Phenomenon083

    Practice exam

    So, can I totally avoid CI problems and just focus NCEES and Engproguides problem for my preparation?
  4. Wildi is my main preparation material for power PE exam because it helps me to understand easily the underlying theory of a topic/problem. But as i said earlier and you also mentioned this book was not made for a test reference.
  5. Index of the US edition isn't good either. I bought hard cover latest edition from Amazon. This book is great to read but not the reference material for a test maybe that is the reason they did not emphasized on making a great index.
  6. Phenomenon083

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    What chapters you've skipped?
  7. Phenomenon083

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    I agree with you. This book is easy to read and understand.
  8. Phenomenon083

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    Since Wildi's book is widely recommended for power PE exam I have been focusing on rotating machine chapters on this book till chapter 17 (synchronous machine). I was wondering what are the other chapters to study from this book. I don't want to bogged down on this book for less important topics and lose valuable study time (from a busy work schedule).
  9. Phenomenon083


    I understand you've mentioned some specific information unintentionally, but it just feels like you've shared too much information about the actual exam question. Maybe i am wrong but more experienced members of this board may know it better.
  10. Phenomenon083

    Counting Down!!! April 2018 Results

    Stay busy with your life. Don't even come to this board before the result publish. This is a better way to handle this anxiety.
  11. I would buy NCEES 2011 for power PE. Let me know if you have it. Thanks
  12. Phenomenon083

    Just finished the April 2018 PE Exam

    Wow, brilliant survey.
  13. Phenomenon083

    Worst Tourist Trap in Every State

    True about NJ. Atlantic city board walk is just dead. Also true about Bourbon st at new orleans, overrated.
  14. Phenomenon083

    Just finished the April 2018 PE Exam

    I read your post. No you did not post anything that reaveals exam question. So you’re good.
  15. Phenomenon083

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Thank you guys for sharing your experience. Based on your recent experience what materials do you think would be most helpful to prepare for the exam?