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  1. CA Results

    You should contact them, you're probably missing something
  2. CA Results

    Same here, it seems they also misplaced my fingerprints.
  3. CA Results

    @dvvader was your name added in last night's update? Not mine
  4. CA Results

    I was checking new electrical licenses and I found some before and some after my last name, I don't think they're doing it alphabetically. Hopefully we'll be in tonight's update
  5. CA Results

    @dvvader you're not alone on that one, my name is not listed either. I was thinking maybe I failed the take home
  6. CA Results

    Congrats! By the way, where do you see that table? I don't know the status of my take home
  7. CA Results

  8. CA Results

    It is over
  9. CA Results

  10. CA Results

    Is your buddy from CA?
  11. CA Results

  12. CA Results

    Anybody else got an email regarding results?
  13. Results Over/Under

    I win!!! I said results would come out after the 24th, at least in CA
  14. CA Results

    It made more sense yesterday, I know for sure I won't wait until Thursday I'll keep checking every 5 minutes
  15. CA Results

    Nothing there