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  1. Sorry I haven't been active for a while so I'm just seeing this. I stored the ones I didn't sell away so I'll check if I still have the 2011's when I get home. If you're interested in the ncees 2001 let me know. You can have it for $100 if you're interested. Sorry for the delay.
  2. Congrats @Watthour! Pulling for all the SC testers.
  3. Have anyone in SC received their certificate?
  4. I liked how on the FE CBT, you would do a quick word search on the FE Reference manual and get to something quick without thumbing through the index. The one problem I had is this manual kept freezing up and lagging when I was trying to get to something. I wrote a complaint about it in the survey they send out after taking it. When I retook it, the person checking me in said that they corrected the problem with the manual. I was too nervous and focused on the test to ask if that was a response to my complaint or if they had a wide spread issue with the freezing. CBT test takers will miss out on seeing the crazy amount of books people bring to the test. It's was kind of entertaining to see people haul in wagons and luggage cases. One guy brought a shelved cart with all his books stacked on them. He couldn't go 5 ft without all his books falling off. I kind of laughed internally. He ended up being one of the few people who finished up early in the evening - I wonder if he was laughing at the rest of us internally.
  5. SK82, P.E.

    MERM appendix

    I've been MIA for a moment, has someone sent you two a copy?
  6. Hi. Are you still sending out the PDF Appendix from the 13th Edition of the MERM? I would really appreciate a copy. Thanks.


  7. Yeah man, thanks for the words of encouragement then and the congrats now! I'm not a Texan so I'll never know how well I really did, but I'm grateful for this website and that I never have to take this test again! Now I'm having fun buying new business cards, a stamp that I will rarely use, and updating my email signatures and LinkedIn account. Merry Christmas @starquest!
  8. For those looking for PE Mechanical prep materials, take a look at mine and inbox me if you are interested or have questions. I would like to sell them all as a lone package at $350 shipped and be done with it. NCEES 2011 Practice Test -Thermal Fluids - $25 + $3 shipping NCEES 2011 Practice Test - Mechanical Systems & Materials $25 + $3 shipping Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam– Thermal Fluids $30 + $3 shipping Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam – Mechanical Systems & Materials $30 + $3 shipping Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam – HVAC & Refrigeration $50 + $3 shipping ***rare*** NCEES 2001 Mechanical – great condition - $200 + free shipping PPI MERM PE Practice Problems - $20 + $3 shipping PPI Unit Conversion Book (hardback) - $10 + $3 shipping ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hoping to sell as possible package: All 3 Six Min Solutions, NCEES 2011 TFS, NCESS 2011 M&M, and NCEES 2001 Mechanical - $350 + free shipping Or All 3 Six Min Solutions (TFS, M&M, and HVAC) - $100 free shipping Or Two NCEES 2011 (Thermal Flulds, M&M) - $50 free shipping Or Two NCEES 2011 (Thermal Flulds, M&M) and NCEES 2001 PE Mechanical - $250 free shipping Or All 3 Six Min Solutions (TFS, M&M, and HVAC) and NCEES 2001 PE Mechanical - $300 free shipping
  9. I will definitely do a review once I get into it. I was comparing Grey Academy vs Simplilearn (both cost $300 for self-paced) and they both had good reviews, for the most part. I was going to go with Simplilearn until Grey Academy had their 80% off on Black Friday, so I went the cheaper route - more so to get the 35 hours formal ed. hours and I will have access for 1 year vs. 6 months with Simplilearn. Also, people have posted on EB that going through certain books and working the practice exams were more effective than some of the courses so I decided to take a chance. Just like the PE, I'm doing this for my own career development. I don't know if my company will reject my attempt to get reimbursed for some of my expenses getting this PE, so just in case, I'm trying to keep this PMP cost low but effective as possible. This whole FE/PE journey has cost me a little over $3000 the last year and a half.
  10. Hoping to try for the PMP later next year, so looking to buy these books now to fall under the 2016 budget. Note that I purchased a PMP course through Grey Academy for $60 during Black Friday, so that should account for the 45 hour requirement. Do I really need all four of these books? Are any redundant? PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition - Updated: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam by Rita Mulcahy The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Fifth Edition by Andy Crowe A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)–Fifth Edition Head First PMP: A Learner's Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam by Jennifer Greene
  11. I was a repeater as well. Passed October 2016 Mechanical - Thermal Fluids. To reiterate what has already been said. The biggest thing I believe got me over the finish line this time was truly understanding how to recognize problem types and the proper theory/method to solve the problems. When I started back studying after the April exam, it was like I had never worked some of the problems in the NCEES and 6 min Solution practice exams. I made an effort this time to examine each problem and say why I used certain equations. For example, when to use hf vs hg, how/when to use "mass flow (in) = mass flow (out)", and especially when to incorporate the efficiency of a turbine or boiler, and when not to. I shamefully admit that I took Dr. Tom's Classroom course for my first try because his class really is top-notch. I still highly recommend his class because I still used his weekly lessons in my prep this second time. The MERM, Dr. Tom's Exam Day Companion, and his practice questions that his gives out about 3 weeks before the actual test were the main resources I used during the test. Hindsight, I would have probably been successful the first time, if I had completed a crash course upfront, then went into working the practice exams over and over until the exam. Dr. Tom's class finishes about 3 weeks before the actual test, so I didn't really work the problems over and over until I was doing them in my dreams like I should have done. Dr. Tom definitely has a gift at teaching. He is silky smooth in how walks you through how to solve problems in all the topics. He also throws out certain problems in the Six Min Solutions practice exams that are really not good exam problems -which helps a lot. His advice on which specification to take is golden as well. I wish he was at Clemson when I went through, then maybe thermo and heat transfer would not have been so terrible for me. His weekly lessons are very clear and well explained to where I falsely gauged myself as understanding the problem but I really was not there in my understanding. As I prepared working problems for the Oct exam, I had some "Ah ha" moments remembering problems that stomped me during the test that I wished I had back. So basically first you need to be real with if you can truly teach yourself or if a course is needed to do this. Get the theory from self-study or a course, then rework the practice exams and as many problems as you can, over and over and over again until the binding fall off! Having the NCEES 2001 also helped me see that I didn't truly know how to apply certain principles because it exposed me to additional problems that had the same theoretical undertone, but they still stomped me, illuminating the fact that I really didn't get it yet. Lastly, during the test, have as much of a calm spirit as possible during the exam so that your mind will be free to use commonsense and sound engineering assumptions. I was amazed at some of the problems that I deemed "hard" during my first pass through which ended up not being so bad.
  12. It's completely done, finally got the email. Time to take my prep materials and sell, SELL, SEEEELLLLLLLLL!
  13. No email yet. I'm in the license lookup but why am I still nervous?
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