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  1. jijir83

    what is the cutoff score of Civil Construction Depth

    Not at all useless information. As human beings, and engineers on top of it, it's a psychological copping mechanism during the waiting period. We (they) all know that it changes nothing but it helps you pass the time. Eighteen months ago I was one of the people asking that same question on here knowing full well that it changes nothing. It's like having a crush on someone you see everyday... they smile at you and that helps you feed a whole month worth of daydreams. All it is, is getting a little bit of fuel to keep the imagination going as you wait. Give the guy a break, you rational you! [emoji12] Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  2. jijir83

    what is the cutoff score of Civil Construction Depth

    It will be 54 plus 2 points if you wear glasses, minus 3 points if you're under 25 years old, divided my 2 if you're.... hum.... never mind :-p This post about cutoff score comes up every cycle. No one knows what it is. We only speculate. But, you get a good idea when people start reporting their failing scores. For example, for transpo one cycle, the highest reported failed score on here was 56. For geotech a few cycles ago when I took it, people reported 56 also but my co-worker got a 57 and failed so I figured that was the cutoff that cycle. I doubt there's a way to tell. It's fun to guess though.
  3. jijir83

    Horse is to stable

  4. jijir83

    Horse is to stable

    Master Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  5. jijir83

    Job oversees

  6. jijir83

    Job Leads

    Make a list of all companies in the areas you want to work in the field that you're interested then call/email them if you can't find their job listings. Most likely, you will have to apply through their website. If you're looking for government employers, look on their local/city/state website or usajobs. A lot of companies require online applications, not even emails. You might end up applying to a lot and still only hear from a few. Keep in mind that many, especially government ones, could take 3 months to hear back. I had a job for 6 months and MA agencies were calling for interviews. In addition to your online applications, hit up friends, school/professional colleagues to see what's going on with their companies. Attend local association meetings. Most of them have a monthly or quarterly lunch or some other gathering. I had professor offer to send requests for me when I was right out of school. It made things easier having someone they knew inquire for me. Point is, professors are good resources. Make sure your resume is built for the job you're looking for and reflects keywords found in the job descriptions that interest you. Online applications filter resumes. And for government ones, make sure the resume has the other items they require. For example they often ask that each job shows the length of time and how many hours per week... things like that. I've had loads of recruiters on linkedin contact me and asking if I'm looking for new opportunities. But when I was looking, they never responded back to me. I wouldn't spend much time on recruiters unless they're the ones reaching out. Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  7. jijir83

    Job oversees

    So did you go? How is it? Looks like some new positions opened up through my job... I think I'm skipping town to Germany by end of year.
  8. jijir83


    Seriously! Why does this look so fancy and nice? The CA one doesn't look nearly as good :/
  9. I say B, D, A. Looks like we agree on #1 and #2. A for #3 because of the language "is required during the placement of". You don't need an inspector there during the reinforcement work. They come and inspect periodically during the assembly of rebar work and prior to placing concrete so C and D don't apply. Placement of masonry units... they say it's a fully grouted masonry wall so where are they finding those CMUs all of a sudden. Grouted would be the same as a slurry wall, cutoff wall etc... so poured in a form with the prior inspected rebar work in between. Also, I've never seen an inspector watch people put up CMUs. So the last option is the grout. Anytime concrete is being placed, an inspector has to be there and they collect samples for strength testing. So, code aside, that's the likely answer. They have to be there "during" the placement.
  10. Lol Sounds like we've had the same experience. The lines the last two weekends at Squaw (cars and people) were ridiculous. Such a cluster-f. Week before Christmas was the best. At least you got 15 days in. I think I'm barely at 10 and only half of them were worth it. One day I went to Squaw and despite all the talk of snow, all they got was pouring rain. I had breakfast then drove back home. During the Superbowl, I was hoping everyone would be watching the game but I guess everyone else was hoping the same. The snow was great that day but the lines were torture. I'm thinking of getting 3-4 packs for a few places that I like and get maybe 12 days altogether. It might be more than a pass but I have multiple places to go. The downfall is, if you go on a bad day, you just wasted a ticket :/ Grrrr! I need to win the lottery and not have to worry about such things. A private helicopter would make things so much better.
  11. I'm thinking the same for next year. My problem is that I can't call in "sick" from work all season long and the drive on weekends is extremely brutal. I remember driving right at the end of a storm to go skiing on the east coast. Here in CA, if I dare, I'll be driving 4-5 hours to go 100 miles [emoji20] I'm torn. It's either that or I gather enough pennies to buy something in Tahoe. ::FirstWorldProblems:: Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  12. jijir83

    Oroville Dam - Anyone here design this?

    Supposedly designed by the Army Corps and built by DWR. The next few days should be interesting. Various agencies/engineers have been asked to help with round the clock monitoring. Pretty scary but pretty exciting stuff for a dirt nerd to be there and see it up close Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  13. View from Lakeview trail at Alpine yesterday. Life is good sometimes. Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  14. jijir83

    Linked Words Game

    Party tray Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk
  15. jijir83

    California Results Any news???

    What about those nifty plastic wallet cards? Got mine last week in the mail. Sent from my SURTAB-722-3G-HD-1S using Tapatalk