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  1. Banned for being unawares.
  2. He did ok the first two drives, actually but...
  3. He's been mostly a middle of the pack guy. Just a bit more than a game manager, but not much.
  4. Would have loved to have helped had I been given more than this last minute deadline.
  5. Banned because the word innuendo sounds like innuendo.
  6. Oh yeah, that's doc who. 🤯
  7. I'm always serious. Except when I am not. Also, are there more than 10? I had no idea there were more than 1!
  8. Is that a picture of a dr? I don't get it.
  9. Would love to play a game where jk hosted, but I am going to be gone all week.
  10. That the real world trumps book learning every day of the week and twice on the Sabbath.
  11. Given enough time to respond I would have loved to.
  12. Exactly. He got himself into trouble. You're dutifully protecting the profession by reporting.
  13. That cat spent far more time in the endzone than the Giants did.
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