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    Former Wildland Firefighter Extraordinaire

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    Backpacking, basketball, football, sarcasm, weightlfting, elk hunting, and weight putting down. Also, I am Han Solo, apparently.

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  1. Banned because you mean what.
  2. Yeah, well I wasn't supposed to be playing either, but here we are.
  3. You're voting for Arby's dude and Coyote dude for being redundant?
  4. Steel cased is the preferred for some of my guns.
  5. To be clear, I can be paid with the following (list exhaustive) currencies: guns, ammo, beer, bourbon, 190 proof Everclear, and the foreskins of my enemies.
  6. I like how you obviously own a howitzer too.
  7. This is the most mafia response in the history of ever.
  8. @LyceeFruit PE I vote @JayKay PE
  9. Having to adjust the rules because of my gameplay and strategy is the ultimate victory for me, in my eyes.
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