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  1. Person 1: My friend is in pretty bad shape. Person 2: Oh really? What happened? Person 1: His calculus text book fell of the shelf and hit him on the head. Person 2: Wow, is it serious? Person 1: Well, he ended up in L'Hopital.
  2. Can someone recommend a free windows based photo manipulator that works like Superimpose for Android?
  3. I have never seen those equations in such an odd form. Yikes.
  4. That's the best part! They miss the beat, and probably miss Yoda too.
  5. Banned for trying to dissuade innovation.
  6. I've had frozen beef, it's ok. So, my interest in this sparkling gravy is piqued. What?????
  7. Banned because time is only a pseudo dimension.
  8. Banned because wat? No it isn't.
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