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  1. Audi driver, P.E.

    Random Topics 3.1

    Today has me wondering if I have exhausted my uselessness on this site.
  2. Audi driver, P.E.

    funny pic thread

  3. Audi driver, P.E.

    funny pic thread

  4. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    To Russell's credit, it seemed like no one was ever able to get open. I still prefer he just chuck the ball away instead of taking a sack but whateves. It was really stupid to throw that pick 6. That was so out of character, I wondered who was actually wearing #3. Abandoning the running game seemed like a GEM of an idea..🙄
  5. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    What a surprise. The JV defense did alright, it was the all starters offense that looked like a bunch of newbs.
  6. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    Well, I hope you're right, but I have serious doubts.
  7. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    Yeah, but you don't because you like your co-workers.
  8. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    Oh, and what level of asswipe do you need to be to retire after half-time?
  9. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    If anyone needs a sure bet: bet on the Bears tonight. Seahawks have their JV on defense tonight.
  10. Audi driver, P.E.

    If you need a new headache...

    Perhaps you have plenty. Perhaps you're even familiar with this already. Have you heard of Kruskal's tree theorem? Oh it's a read. Wrap your head around this: tree(1) = 2, tree(2) = 5, and tree(3) > 262140, but TREE(3) is larger than treetreetreetreetree8(7)(7)(7)(7)(7).
  11. Audi driver, P.E.

    Better to Cancel a Job Interview or Wait and See?

    This is how I would handle it too.
  12. Audi driver, P.E.

    How to tell your job is toxic

    Any one of those things happen and I'm sending out my resume to companies that are hiring.
  13. Audi driver, P.E.

    NFL 2018

    Kapernick was a one season wonder.
  14. Audi driver, P.E.

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for rehashing this topic.
  15. Audi driver, P.E.

    Mechanical Engineering

    This ^^^