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  1. Banned for because even with the indecision there was no doubt.
  2. Amazon has it in a print version for the same price. If you buy thru Amazon please use the EB link.
  3. I really recommend going through your undergrad course books if you can. The terminology will be more familiar. I don't know Malloy's vids, but if you thought you nailed it based on what you learned through him, I'd ditch him and go back to the basics and re-learn the underlying principles of those concepts. My $0.0000000002.
  4. I know I did. And preparing for that 100% is what helped me get there.
  5. Banned for not being react worthy.
  6. Banned for not using the shorter word that means the same thing.
  7. Your best bet is a site like Amazon or Ebay. Good luck. You might post your question in the yard sale area if you don't see a listing there for them
  8. @knight1fox3 This is unrelated to test prep. Can you please move it? THX.
  9. @knight1fox3 This is unrelated to test prep. Can you please move it? THX.
  10. Not sure what you mean by shading. I suspect the deficiencies lie in one of two places. Pacing or not knowing the material well enough.
  11. Banned for having defects.
  12. Coming back to this thread since there was another post about it elsewhere. The ones that @Slay the P.E. and @cvanwy02 posted above are different than the ones I had found and not as complete or not printable anyway. This will be a moot issue soon as the test goes to computer based but I scanned my copy and posted it here: And have found another copy (a little harder to read perhaps) that contains the exact same ASME 1967 data here:
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