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  1. I wanna be an aiiiirborne rangeeeeerrr!
  2. Hey I tried to make your life stress free by eliminating you, to no avail. I STILL don't know how this works but am glad I am finally out! Please, no one revive me!!
  3. Insert evil laugh (because I don't even know what it would mean if I was).
  4. Finally! Am I dead yet?
  5. Ok. Since it matters I'm voting for the Arby's dude. And I assume that's a valid vote. But sorry Arbys dude. I don't know what voting for you means at this point. Do you die if I vote for you? My last vote apparently didn't kill anyone. I just want to be killed really. Hope this helps.
  6. I've been in training! What's nuts is, I want to be killed and I've made it this far and still really have no idea how this game is played. Am I supposed to start caring about that at some point? Please tell me the answer is "it doesn't matter at this point".
  7. Damnit, I suck at this game.
  8. Banned for saying he correctly banned when he didn't.
  9. I vote for The Julie because she's too nice.
  10. I'm here now. It's tonight somewhere. How am I not dead? I was tagged a million times in this thread. Damnit!
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