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  1. People keep thinking otherwise.
  2. I wasn't even playing tho. and the name calling is smallsville.
  3. WTH? Why do I have so many notifications for this thread? I'm not reading all that.
  4. Oh yeah. I'm nout then.
  6. Baring some sort of legal and binding agreement about disclosure, exactly nothing would disallow it. Even then, it doesn't keep it from being disclosed, it only gives legal recourse should it be let out. That's why agreements are made and why it is difficult and important to closely guard information you want to keep a trade secret.
  7. But you've already been willing to assume things that aren't true.
  8. I definitely know what it feels like to have folks discount your experience and to have folks dominate a meeting. I'd definitely help you fight those battles even if we disagree and even if you're completely willing to dismiss my perspectives.
  9. There are definitely advantages to having varied viewpoints and differing inputs, so don't mistake what I am saying for an argument for a team to be of all one makeup of race/color/gender/footwear -- it's how unique solutions to problems are created and developed. That said, it can have a negative influence as well, so balance it important (something not borne out absent a meritocracy). If everyone disagrees on a path forward or they can't come together to work as a team, those things are destructive to the outcome in a meritocracy, but if the goal is diversity no product gets delivered and you can say "yea diversity" and pat yourselves on the back as everyone walks out the door with their pink slip trophy.
  10. I think there's a reasonable argument to be made that a white male like myself was at a disadvantage going into engineering school. There was no "white male" or "white" or "male" scholarship I could apply for. The entrance review committee consisted of several non-white foreign nationals. Once I got in, a person could make an argument I was still at a disadvantage. A healthy portion of the the professors I had teaching my engineering courses had accents that were difficult to understand. At least half where neither white or were female and there were exactly zero "white male" study groups I could join. If there was one advantage I had, it was being a native English speaker whose text books were written in English (though at least one was written in English by my prof whose first language was not English). All that said, I'm not trying to convey any "poor me" attitude about it. Just wondering how in 2020 there's still strong evidence of white male bias in education?
  11. I don't think you understand an engineering meritocracy. It's where the project is done on time, within or under budget, and meets or exceeds the specifications. Those are the traditional metrics and they give fuck all about what color skin a person has or if they choose to marry a puppy. Your points about how, when, or where an individual (or duality, depending on how folks choose to identify) gains their education or qualifications aren't engineering metrics that need adjustment. If (and there probably are) biases in education exist, that's an education problem, not an engineering meritocracy one.
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