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  1. Same here, I got my notification late Friday. Congrats to you!!!
  2. After having everything sent in since January 26th, I just received a "We received your application" email this morning. According to the calendar on the website, the next time the board meets is March 15 or something like that. I am assuming that I (we) will have to wait until sometime after that date to hear something.
  3. I went through SoPE and I was successful on my first attempt. I thought it was a great course...stronger in some areas than others. I particularly think that their water, wastewater, water resources topics are well covered. I struggled a bit with their air topic. In my opinion, the KEY is the effort you put in, not the course you take. My $0.02.
  4. Thanks for the response @iceman123187
  5. NC Folks... Anyone who wrote in Oct 2018 received their license as yet? Anyone knows the process once entire application is submitted? How long did it take? How were you notified?
  6. I also took SoPE. I think it is hard to suggest which class to take, because everyone learns differently. You will always find people who love a particular class, and those who hate the same class. It all depends on learning styles, and effort someone puts into the class. I think you can take any class and pass. Some classes may require a little more effort, outside of the lecture than others. That being said, I loved SoPE. I thought the air section was not well covered. All other areas especially Water/Wastewater/Water Resources were well done in my opinion.
  7. kncumber

    Texas Results

    Congratulations @txjennah. I am happy for you
  8. I felt prepared going into the exam. I still had some nerves, as was expected. To me the exam came a lot different than I expected. I was that person who had the suitcase with every book under the sun. Through networking with some great folks on the environmental thread, I amassed a good arsenal of material. I heavily relied on SOPE notes as well. After the morning session, I was bummed out. When we were informed that there was 15 minutes left. I had gone through the entire exam and answered everything I knew and had only 26 questions answered. My strategy, was to ensure that I got everything I knew correct. I maybe got 3 more solutions before the proctor said 5 minutes remaining. I made educated guesses on the rest. The evening was better. At the 15 min remaining mark, I had 31 questions completed. However, I kept getting tripped up on two questions that I should have been able to do in my sleep so that dinged my confidence. I guessed for the remaining 9 questions. I think the stress of getting tripped up on the three easy questions in the afternoon, plus only feeling confident on 26 in the morning made me believe that I was going to fail. I kept thinking, "What if I made foolish unit mistakes? Then that 26 that I answered correctly could easily be a 19" I received my passing notification yesterday, so I maybe didn't make as many mistakes as I though I did. I knew there was going to be a chance that I could fail, but I was hopeful.
  9. I currently have three screenshots of it on my phone...just in case I lose one I guess (crazier things has happened). I woke up at 3am to log in and check.
  10. Thanks @txjennah. You definitely helped calm my nerves a few times. I am praying you passed too!!!
  11. I passed!!! All praise to God. It was all him
  12. Knowing what the cut score is ahead of time, can soften the blow as I log in to check my actual result.
  13. You will get them next time. It does not take anything away from you or your ability.
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