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    October 2015 Applied by comity
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    Not a joke. Just saw it.
  3. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Just found out Texas shows my PE as granted! " PE Number Granted When your application is in this stage: Your application has been approved and a number is issued. You can check the TBPE on-line roster for confirmation. Be sure to send in the completed seal imprint form for final approval. Congratulations!"
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    yes. this. 100X this.
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    I did it. I opened the ticket. Took a few days but nothing bad. Good luck
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    One day I'll find a way
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    blah blah blah thought provoking post
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    bit fit?
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    where is everyone?
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    I have a 14.5 hour flight sunday, any recommendations for movies?
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