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  1. I have AEE’s CBCP cert which is similar tor ASHRAE’s. There are a handful of nationally recognized commissioning certifications and the BCxP is one of them. Not sure how they all rank. Its helpful if you are a CxA or CxC and want to work on federal or state projects because sometimes (like USACE) those folks need to be certified to work on the project. Since I am just a Resident Engineer it hasn’t helped me career wise. Maybe it gives me more credibility when dealing with the CxA and CxC on my projects.
  2. Rita's book is all you need to pass. Run through it twice.
  3. I recommend buying all the NCEES required design references. You will hate yourself if you don't bring one book and there is a simple "look up" type question for that manual!
  4. I like that it lets you know immediately if somebody cares enough about their career to spend time getting the cert. But I have met plenty of people who are certified and are worthless. It certainly isn't an end all be all.
  5. I don't think the PMP has much value in the construction industry (especially private contractors). I have had my PMP for two years and it has not helped at all when applying to jobs/getting offers from what I can tell.
  6. Thanks! I figure I can work for another 10 or so years hopefully end up at GS-14/15 level and then look to make a move over to a Project Executive/VP type role.
  7. All three companies were not willing to negotiate PTO/vacation. I think only VP-level executives have the ability to negotiate PTO in the construction contracting industry.
  8. Decided to stay in the Fed with the promotion to Resident Engineer. The prospect of being "the man" on the project and working on a $500MM program in the next year or two was the deciding factor. Its definitely a tough to leave $30k after-tax on the table but the job security in the Fed is priceless.
  9. Wow some really good insight in this thread. Losing my almost 4 weeks vacation per year is gonna be tough (plus unlimited sick. I have to give both Tishman and Skanska an answer tomorrow so i got some thinking to do tonight.
  10. FERS (current Fed pension) is 1% per year of service of your top-3. So if I never leave and retire at 62 I will get 40% of my top-3 or $38,000/yr pension based on my current salary. The Fed 401k program is pretty good with match up to 5%. Problem is I am leaving $30,000/yr salary on the table...
  11. Right now I am employed by the Federal Government (GS-12 level) and work on construction projects as a Project Engineer. I have recently been offered multiple jobs in the private sector at top contractors (ENR Top 10) for about a 30% pay raise after-taxes. Also, I have been told that I will have the chance to be promoted in the next month or so to Resident Engineer (GS-13) which is about a $10k pay bump but with supervisory responsibilities. I am torn as to what to do... should I leave for the pay bump or stay for the job security? Anybody here ever make the move from public to private and have some advice?
  12. You know you have studied too much when you freak out about the pencil
  13. Source: I assume he will get slaughtered in civil court and i can see his insurance company denying coverage.
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