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  1. And make sure it's actually on his hand.
  2. Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan better start building an Indiana bypass.
  3. I was going through some NCEES Licensure Exchange publications and thought this was an interesting read. "The Job Creation Committee recommends that the State of Indiana no longer require the licensing of engineers and eliminate the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers" - page 8-9 Seems like a dangerous precedent even though they have only revoked one license in 8 years and have low complaints. Sounds like a lot of people can flood the market calling themselves professional engineers because they graduated with an accredited degree.
  4. Not sure if NCEES really wants to motivate them to take their exam when they've been receiving quite a bit of money from it.
  5. "A surprising impact of NCEES installing a fee of $50 to reschedule an exam is that we unintentionally developed a new revenue stream, which for the first 10 months of 2014 exceeded $180,000. We have much work to do to better understand the behavior of candidates and how to motivate them to schedule and take their exam." -page 10 of
  6. Probably will considering they use a third party as the test provider/proctor (Pearson).
  7. Page 6-7
  8. If you took it outside of PA, probably will. If not,
  9. You make your heartrate beat in morse code to transmit the questions to your phone.
  10. Ahhh when we received our results on December 22nd....11 days after the first group of 25+ states.
  11. Now would be a perfect time for fitbits though! All those test takers should track their heart rate and sleep patterns from now until the results are released.
  12. Tread lightly dude. You guys need to quit while you are ahead before you get invalidated.
  13. I think bypassing one state's PE requirements comes in handy for certain situations. I work in VA, but my license is in PA. Why? Because PA only requires me to have 4 years of experience instead of 6 (Civil Eng Tech Degree). I'd rather take it to get it over with and it actually costed me an additional $200, but I have peace of mind that I can transfer it when I get the rest of my experience in.
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