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  1. How did this turn into a salary discussion? LOL. Start ya bit'ness and charge what you want for the work needed. Supply and demand
  2. Is it me or are folks just not into the thrill of pass and the irony of fail anymore? The board seams a bit slow. Where is the I PASSSSSSEEEDDDDDDD!!!!! Or damn, the Holidays will SUCKK!!!!
  3. My buddy who ,called SC on Friday and was told that it could be as early as this week. It would SUCK!!! if you didnt pass
  4. Ladies and gents, take the test serious. It will kick your butt... Fight back, you will prevail
  5. How are you guys figure out that license numbers are being handed out?
  6. @hotfudge, I didn't take the Electrical PE Review as a course. Zach had a bunch of videos on YouTube and I studied from several of them. I did take sope and sope made leaps and bounds in its progress of putting out a better product and teachers vs Nieves (who many people here have said was beyond terrible). That said, the topics on lead/lag/capacitive/inductive and transformers, none of the material I saw, was as clear as Zachs. For example, when doing a circuit analysis on a Delta - Wye, the need to convert the delta to Wye in order to make the analysis easier... Just small tricks, which I didn't see in grapheo, sope, ppi or the several other books I studied from. So, I think that is was a great complement
  7. @Electrical PE Review let me add that while I didn't take Zach's course, I did go over some of the topics he covered. Leading / Lagging and transformers, he is by FAR the best source. I was already signed up for SOPE, so didn't feel I needed an additional course, but Zach's explanations are on point. Nice work
  8. The test, tests a lot more than just knowing the material. It expects for one to figure out what is really being asked. To me, that's always been dumb. But of it weren't that way, phycometricians, wouldn't have a job.
  9. For me it was a couple of things. I was very close to passing the first time. However, in the second attempt, I spent a good bit of time thinking of how the question were presented in the ncees practice exam. In other words, I studied the psychology of what the trick question were and where the answers were. During the test, at least 5-6 questions were easy, yet, had what I call the "standard trick or a bunch of bs red herring in the middle of an easy question". And once I saw the pattern, finding the solution was easy. Now, I'm not saying that you should skip studying and focus on the tricks, but I had studied, and I knew the material, knowing the "tricks and pitfalls" only helped. Learn the concept of how a motor works, how a generator becomes a motor, how a motor becomes a generator, how a transformer has losses and how the open and short circuit tests works. And go from there. POWER PE
  10. So just spoke to the most dry, mono-tone person at the state board.. "6-8 weeks for the license number, nothing I can do" . Way to go FBPE!
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