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  1. Last year was my first season to do snowboard. I loved it! Keystone is great but seems like too many people all the time. Breck is better in my opinion because you can find some entry-level runs (green/blue) with not that many people.
  2. I am located in Denver and I started doing snowboarding last year at keystone. It just has so much fun! Doing epic pass again this year and excited for the season. Anyone here like skiing or snowboarding?
  3. Thanks! Those are very helpful for future exam takers!
  4. You are correct. You can take your first PE exam in any state that allows you to sit for the exam without first applying for licensure, then transfer that to CA board. To me, fyrfytr310 is taking his/her first PE in CA. If you are looking for CA PE as your first PE, you most likely ended up going to CA to take the exam. Sure there are some work-around you can argue with such as going to your neighbor state who does not require an application before sitting in the exam... BTW other than CA which states can you sit for PE exam without applying first? Very curious and it will be very helpful if you share this information for other people in similar situation. I believe most of the time you will choose your own state for first PE. When looking around to other state for first PE, it usually means you are not qualified in your own state and you need that PE credential. Try to sit for the PE exam in your own state first. If you don't meet your own state's requirement, then I will recommend check out CA. CA is very friendly to people who don't have an ABET BS degree but an ABET MS/PhD degree.
  5. I totally agree with your opinion. The only exclusion is that you want to become a PE but you are not qualified in other states but CA (CA PE requires 2 years experience with BS degree, or 1 year experience with MS and up)
  6. Here is my guess, and correct me if I am wrong: Your CA PE is not your first PE; Your took your PE exam in the first state you become PE. Then you transferred your PE exam passing score from that state to CA, and took the other two state exams which can be taken in any state.
  7. Okay... More wait for me!! I am so calm..NOT
  8. Congratulations on all who passed! I am still waiting for my results... I took my surveying on 8/25 and my seismic on 9/1... Surveying may come out anytime soon for me?
  9. Haha, busy is good, Sometimes when it's not busy, you feel insecure.... Yeah I will keep you updated. I think you could possibly post the opportunity in the forum under Jobs.
  10. Oh I see. If that's the case, I can only speak for Civil PE exam. I went to San Francisco.
  11. Hah! I saw you are located somewhere in New Zealand.. How is everything there?
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