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  1. matchek


    Received VA certificate. Nice! Impressed with VA process!
  2. matchek

    Failed Scores

    You can do it - don't quit!
  3. Yes, that is one factor. But yeah round their could be more prepared students, students who need it more , etc. Perhaps if there was someone who took multiple discipline exams?
  4. I have some materials as well. PM me.
  5. The biggest thing I did for starters is I went through like the first 10 chapters of Felder & Roussou - Chemical Processes, 2005 edition. As I read, I wrote down key concepts on a pad and made notes within the book. I then attempted to the do every example problem without looking at the answer first. Then I tried to to some problems in the back of the chapter (these problems are typically much harder are tune consuming but, at a minimum, I tried to look at the problem and see if I could find a path to solve it and not worry about the calculations). The book goes over the fundamentals are will jump start you to success with other subjects. I also did the same thing with Separation Principals and Chemical Eng Kinetics. I also took School of PE online seminar, which helped fill in any gaps.
  6. Got email from NCEES - passed! Got License number before email. Thrilled, but still would be even better had I passed the hardest PE exam - "PE Water Resources".
  7. Oh absolutely agree. I don't think any would be easy. Absolutely no way any would be easy. I was just thinking if all tests were on the same playing field and everyone was "averagely" familiar and say got a 2.80 in their major and had to take a seminar to catch up, which ones would be hardest to pass. Perhaps their is no such viable question. I guess we should all sign up to take someone a another fields exam? By the way is there any value to doing that? Like does anyone take the civil and then try to pass mechanical? I guess they would not let you take in anyway.
  8. matchek


    What about you? Curious, anyone know if VA did that last year too?
  9. I heard that the Environmental is not as tough, but it covers ALOT of material....
  10. I think I saw Nuclear had a low passing rate though, could be wrong .
  11. I see you discipline is Water Resources - very funny!! lol
  12. That would make sense if it was a scaled score.
  13. Chemical Engineering PE being the easiest? Really or just kidding? T
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