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  1. I recently started using Door Dash and found that you can re-use promo codes as long as you use a different credit card number each time you check out. This is my personal referral code, but once you have your account set up you can refer yourself multiple times to get $5 each time. This is only promo codes I have found with door dash that you can stack. BLAHBLAHBALHABLA This will take $5+ off the order and give you free delivery Next in the promo code at checkout enter "FOODNOW" that will give you $10 off your order for a total of $15 off. The next time you use Door Dash do the same but refer yourself with a different email address to give the referring account a $5 credit and the new account you are setting up $5 off and free delivery
  2. Check out this calculator tutorial for the TI-36X Pro on how to use the equation solver functionality to avoid using the quadratic formula on a mathematics problem involving the distance formula: Youtube Link Click Here <iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> </iframe>
  3. Hey Future Licensed Engineers of the World! I've put together some resources I wanted to share with the community, to help everyone with their studying! I passed the exam and am hoping that I can help everyone else do so as well! Wondering what the computer based test will be like? Click Here FE Exam Specifications by Discipline: Chemical | Civil | Electrical & Computer | Environmental | Industrial | Mechanical | Other Disciplines NCEES Reference Manual AKA You're Best Friend: Download the Manual Here NCEES Approved Calculators: NCEES Calculator Policy I highly recommend the TI-36X Pro: TI-36X Pro Amazon Link Casio FX-115 for those Casio Fans: Casion FX-115 Amazon Link [ Study Resources: Free Exam Reviews Texas A&M | Purdue | Colorado School of Mines | Georgia Tech Youtube Channels: (Thanks Justin!) | Thanks Joseph! | Thanks Issac! Exam Prep Programs: Company | Site | Price PPI 2 Pass | Link | $1,635 School of PE | Link | $1,290 w/ $300 Early Registration Discount Prepineer | Link | $249
  4. Patattacka, Great scheduling tool! I am sure a lot of people have really benefited from this tool, but just forgot to comment! I am going to create something similar to this when I start studying for the PE exam! Thanks!
  5. I've found that a lot of the resources for the FE exam haven't been updated to the new testing format. Most resources still treat the morning section with the General and the afternoon for discipline specific. Even if you look at a lot of the resources that now market to the discipline specific CBT exam, they don't always have a ton of material on each subject. The Prepineer program is a new program that a lot of students seem to really do well with. It partners you up with an engineering mentor, and provides weekly calculator tutorials and webinar on conquering the exam. I can't say enough about the founder, Justin, who really puts a ton of effort into helping students pass.
  6. I work for a large consulting firm that has a huge T&D Department. I started working for a utility during college, and a majority of the transmission line engineers there were all electricals who did the transmission line design in PLS and even went as far as doing the foundation design. In my current company, mainly civil/structural engineers doing all the transmission line design, then we have specialized geotechnical engineers that do the foundation size, and consult electrical engineers for electrical studies to help design structure configurations and clearances. To be honest anyone who is good with a computer and has a basic understanding of engineering can learn the design. If you use PLS long enough, it becomes pretty straight forward and there isn't too much hand calculations you have to worry about.
  7. I used the TI-36X pro because I was used to using TI-89 in college. The TI-36X can solve systems of equations, definite integrals, derivatives, has an equation solver, can do any operation with matrices (addition, multiplication, transpose, determinant, inverse, etc), and numerous other features. It was a huge help on the exam, and help me save time and stupid mistakes.
  8. Congrats on passing the exam! I've heard it is easier to pass in the spring because more people take it, and if you prepare you are more likely to do better than the majority of people who try to "wing it" the first time they take it.
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