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  1. Jbone27 PE


    Yep. So far I'm in the clear.
  2. Jbone27 PE

    Wood for bbq

    I may have to try that one. Doing a brisket for Family Christmas this year. My thanksgiving turkey turned out awesome. Brined for about 36 hours then injected with a butter, broth, seasoning mix. Covered with canola oil and a light rub. Smoked it for 11 hours up to 165 degrees on the breast. It tasted great but not much to look at. I'll have to slow down the browning process next time by covering with foil.
  3. Jbone27 PE

    Wood for bbq

    Yeah I always have about 5 or 6 coals burning to keep the temp up.
  4. Jbone27 PE

    Thanksgiving Vacation

    I'm gone after tomorrow. Nice 5 day stretch.
  5. Jbone27 PE

    Wood for bbq

    I was just reading up smoking turkeys. They actually suggest using fruit trees in the ones I saw. Bet it will turn out great. I'm using mesquite cause that's just what I always use. Also going to brine it with some salt and spices and try injecting cajun seasoning in it. I'll probably get in trouble for making it too spicy for the kids but it looked to good not to try. Now...what to drink while I sit up all night tending the smoker??🤔
  6. Jbone27 PE

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Maruchan shrimp or oriental all the way. Think they are about 10 cents each.
  7. Jbone27 PE

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    My go to hungover food is ramen. I don't know if it takes me back to college or has some magic healing power but that with a gatorade and a couple excedrine and I'm good as new.
  8. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    lol Just fades quick. I still ran about 20 miles last month. Was doing to about 10-15 a week before.
  9. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    Sounds about right. I can just lose 6 months of work in a month if I'm not careful though lol. Just got a new treadmill so I'll be back to running this week.
  10. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    I've been on a hiatus since my triathlon in September. Guess I need the events to keep me motivated. Time to sign up for a half marathon.
  11. Jbone27 PE

    The Automotive Thread

    I haven't either. It's a hydraulic system not a lubricant. $100 isn't terrible if it needs to be done I've just never even heard of it being checked for clean or dirty.
  12. Jbone27 PE

    October 2018 - Funny Exam Stories

    I don't know how anyone would pass without a single reference. I had enough books to fill a small library. Reference manual, class binders, 6 min solutions, Betty Crocker 15 min meals, chiltons repair manual to a 94 Chevy Tahoe....I came prepared. I did feel really bad for the woman next me taking transpo. We chatted a little before the exam. Both took review classes and felt pretty prepared. Test time started and she went to pull out her giant binder and it came open and every page fell out. They let her cram what she could back in but the rest fell into her tote and was told she couldn't use them because of the loose paper rule. The salvaged binder was in no kind of order. She stuck it out but was obviously not doing well. Ended up ripping her scantron erasing an answer and by the end was crying. I ended up passing. Can't speak for my tablemate.
  13. We had a ferocious 9 mo. old lion. Edit: Got the months old wrong. Oops
  14. Jbone27 PE

    D-Day approaching

    Best of luck test takers. See you on the other side....