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  1. Jbone27 PE

    Linked Words Game

    Shop Vacuum
  2. Jbone27 PE

    The Triathlon Thread

    You're really not a fan of the 5ks huh lol?
  3. Jbone27 PE

    The Triathlon Thread

    The sprint tris aren't about endurance. They are about speed. I'll probably do a few more sprints and then I want to go for an Olympic distance. Not sure I'll ever go for the full ironman...in fact pretty sure that's a no go.
  4. Jbone27 PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Also I would't assume that a 24 yard truck will deliver exactly 24 cy. I think they usually end up with approximately 80% of the max payload.
  5. Jbone27 PE

    What is allowed in exam

    I would definitely recommend checking with ncees. I received the TBPE newsletter today stating that the Environmental exam starting after this coming cycle will be moved to CBT and will only allow the Environmental Reference book as a resource at that point. EDIT: The reference manual will be provided as a pdf on the computer so you wouldn't even bring that.
  6. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    I just went and checked my garmin from my tri and I maxed out at 27 mph. Shows what kind of hills we are working with here lol.
  7. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    Nice!! Yeah that elevation change would have killed me. Where i'm from we have to go out of our way just to find a hill so we can say we did some climbs lol. Times looked awesome though. At 35 mph I would have been riding those brakes. Good one to end the season on. I'm going to try and stick to my workouts through the off season instead of just working on my winter coat like I usually do. Looking at ordering a bike trainer this week. Daylight savings pretty much puts and end to outdoor rides after work. Still reluctant to join a gym just for the pool but we'll see.
  8. Jbone27 PE

    EB Cycling Club

    Yikes. Glad you're okay. I know what you mean on the bike though. I once wiped out in some loose gravel and first instinct was to protect my Garmin. Went down elbow first. If the guy was nice enough to transport your bike it sounds like you have a pretty good shot at him living up to his word. Do you commute clipped in?
  9. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes. I'm signing up for my hometown sprint tri next May but hope to find one a little sooner.
  10. Jbone27 PE

    NFL 2018

    I just needed them to hand off a couple to K. Johnson. Got him in fantasy. After the 3rd pick I can't believe they didn't just run the ball.
  11. Jbone27 PE

    NFL 2018

    If he was really all that talented Kaepernick would have a QB job. Michael Vick walked out of prison and into a starting position. I agree with @Road Guy. Kaepernick's a flash in the pan just like RGIII.
  12. Jbone27 PE

    NFL 2018

    Those poor Lions. That 3rd quarter was a train wreck.
  13. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    I ended up with a 2:10 which I really wanted to be under 2 hrs. The swim got me and I had a really long 2nd transition (like 10 min). There was an accident in the transition area and some lady knocked down like 20 bikes so everybody in there at the time stopped to help. I really wish there was one coming up sooner. I bet I could shave 15 min off just knowing what I know now.
  14. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    Can I get a DWI on the bike? If not i'm up for it.
  15. Jbone27 PE

    The Running Thread

    Way to go!! I survived my triathlon. Next time I will devote some more time to swim training. Apparently 1 hour isn't enough. Bike and run went great though. I'll for sure be doing another one.