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  1. Hello, Question for you guys, since the description on the front of the official NCEES 9.3 version of the Reference Handbook leaves a lot to be desired: Does the electronic version of this book that is available during the exam match the one that is available for download in terms of sections covered? Or does it exclude the sections not directly relevant to your subject? I ask as a quick review of the manual shows that useful info for one subject may be found in the section of another subject. So lets use civil for an example since it's most common: would a student taking the Civil exam have access to, say, the thermodynamics section? Thanks!
  2. Thank you. Is that the general consensus around here? What are it's main competitors?
  3. I searched and didn't see a topic like this that was comprehensive- sorry if I missed it. I am 10 years out of undergrad and have been studying from Lindeburg's FE Civil Review Manual. I did not pass the first attempt, and I am back at it again now. I plan to take it again at the end of August. Does anyone have a crash course resource they recommend? I think I would benefit from videos as opposed to reading through more books. Thanks!
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