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  1. Thank you, that helps a lot. I asked the board if notification would come by email, but they only responded saying I would receive written notification of their decision. Good to know I don't have to worry about USPS!
  2. Or know when they typically notify applicants if they're approved to take the exam? I emailed the Board asking, but all they told me was that the applications are forwarded from PCS to them after the application deadline, July 1st, and that it can take several weeks to receive written notification on if your approved or if your application is deficient in some manner. Unfortunately, I don't have the greatest USPS service at my apartment, so I'm slightly worried that I might not receive their letter in time to correct anything before the NCEES registration deadline for the Oct. 2015 exam. If I'm approved, does anyone know if the PCS applicant home website will check off the "Board Approved To Test" icon without my involvement? And has anyone gotten a letter from the PA board regarding their application yet?
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