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  1. Failed my surveying, already started studying again for it. I can't wait to see my name on the BPELS site in December 2015 and join the prestigious few engineers of the world who take the Calfiornia PE.
  2. Congragulations everyone who passed.
  3. Civil Dawg and Daakbool. Did you take a review course for surveying ? Do you use surveying at work. I am trying to find a good survey review course for non surveyors. I studied Boniface and Mansour's work book, It didn't help much. The exam had more drawing based problems.
  4. I failed surveying. Does anybody who passed it recommend a good review course for surveying.
  5. I think end of the day has in midnight.
  6. I passed the PE transportation on first attempt. I recommend school of PE for the morning exam, it's is lacking for the afternoon exam. For the afternoon exam I studied example problems from the HCM manual, Tabbed the Green book. For the HCM manual I only studied one volume, dealing with capacity (heavy vehicle factor, FFS, volume on lanes etc etc) . I think I only used 2 or 3 chapters from the CERM book for the afternoon exam. I also became proficient with Geometric curves (horizontal curves, vertical curves). I had to proficient in Geometric curves because these problems show up on the California Special exam surveying test. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes according to their Facebook Status update 25% of PE takers in the nation are from California.
  8. I don't plan on sending my fingerprints until I know I failed seismic. Once I know that, I'll get started on the fingerprinting process. Since I've gotten fingerprinted for DHS stuff and for Global Entry, I'm sure the process to verify my prints will be quick. I live out of state in Colorado, so I can't do Live scan (digital) fingerprinting that is only available only in California. The Board sent me a finger print card that I took it to a local police station and they finger printed me using a ink. I mailed the card to the board. The board informed me that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI need 6 months to process these cards. I didn't want my PE license to be on hold because of fingerprinting.
  9. I already sent out my finger printing card, since they said it takes 6 months to process the fingerprinting if card is sent. Have you guys sent it out.
  10. Is there a reason why east coast would take the California ? Are you doing projects in California ?Does it help in your career
  11. BPELS license look up doesn't show my name. So I am assuming I failed both the special exams or one of them. I am hoping one of them.
  12. Got an email stating they will send a password protected file.
  13. I self-studied for a week and took a day off work to crank out tons of practice problems. I felt pretty confident during the exam, but we'll see once we get results. Practice problems really boosted my confidence. I used boniface practice problems. I didn't think they were representative of the exam. Which practice problems did you use ?
  14. What review courses did you guys take for surveying.
  15. Passed PE transportation first time. Now waiting for surveying and seismic.
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