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  1. Lately results have either been posted the Friday after the workshop or the following Monday. So either the 14th or 17th.
  2. But then I may never reach the final stage of grief 😟
  3. It boggles my mind why the grading workshop would be 8-9 weeks after the exam. I can get on the NCEES website and see the exam schedule through 2026 so it’s not like the exam sneaks up on them.
  4. / stands on stepbox kevo just got down from I'm very frustrated with the timeline for results. NCEES has always said 8-10 weeks for PE and 10-12 weeks for SE results but that's never been the actual timeline. It's usually ~6 weeks for PE and ~7 for SE. With the SE Grading Workshop not being scheduled (according to NCEES Licensure Exchange) until at least June 7-9, that means it will be 10-11 weeks at the earliest for SE results. Does anyone know why the exam was so early this year? I didn't decide to retake it until right before Christmas. I could definitely have used those extra 2 or 3 weeks to study. But if the exam got moved forward 2-3 weeks you would think they could at least move the grading workshop up 2-3 weeks to match. / stands off stepbox so someone else can get on
  5. Did you take Buildings or Bridge? I took Buildings and feel like I struggled my way through each question and ended up with a decent answer for each. The guy who was taking bridges said there was a Lateral PM question that he had no clue what they were asking.
  6. How's everyone feeling about the test? This was my 3rd time taking Vertical Buildings after failing twice 2 years ago. My first time I got 24/40, A, IR, U, U. Last time I felt great leaving the test but must have fallen for every trick they threw at me and ended up with 19/40, A, A, A, IR. I felt good about the morning but there were one part (out of the 5 parts) on the masonry, steel, and concrete that are keeping me up at night. I think I did well on the other parts of those questions so I'm hopeful I can get a good morning score and at least 2 Acceptable's with no Unacceptable. I also took Lateral Buildings for the first time. I had to guess on 4 or 5 morning questions but feel pretty good about the other morning questions. I think I did pretty good on the afternoon as well, but if there's one thing I've learned from taking the test before is there's no way of guessing how well you did! As far as results, I was hopeful we would get results early this year since the exam was 2-3 weeks earlier than usual. I would expect PE results around May 17-21. The latest NCEES Licensure Exchange, however, doesn't show the SE Exam Grading Workshop during April, May, or the first weekend of June. This would mean the earliest it would be is June 7-9, with results coming out June 14-17. If that's the case, I find that completely unacceptable. How can they justify not grading the exam for over 2 months?
  7. Failed Vertical Buildings for the 2nd time. My mind is blown right now. I failed in April and fully expected the result I got...24/40, A, IR, UA, UA. This time I felt like I did much better but somehow got 19/40 in the morning?!?!?! My afternoon was good with A, A, A, IR. I have NO IDEA how I could only get 19/40 in the morning correct. I'm convinced something went wrong with my scantron or when I went to copy answers to my scantron? For the April exam I had 11 problems I guessed on, for this one I only had 4. I'll be emailing NCEES but the frustrating thing is unless there was a scantron error (0.000001% chance) there's no way for me to know what happened! Argh!
  8. The NCEES October newsletter shows the SE Grading Workshop to be 11/30 - 12/2. If the same schedule holds from the April exam, results will be released the following Friday, 12/8. Only 2.5 more weeks!
  9. I took Vertical Buildings. 2nd attempt after failing in April. I left the April exam 99% sure I had failed and unsure how anyone could pass that test. I am pretty confident this go around. I feel like the test was much more "fair" and I don't think I was necessarily that much more prepared this time than last. In April I had to guess on 11 questions in the AM and didn't have near enough time to do the PM questions and ended up with 24/40, A, IR, U, U. This time I only had to guess on 4 AM questions and finished the PM with 25 minutes remaining. I feel like I did as well as I'll ever do so hopefully I passed or else I'm not sure if I ever will!
  10. Failed Buildings Verical first try. 24/40 in the morning, Acceptable, Unacceptable, Unacceptable, Improvement Required. Pretty spot on to how I felt leaving the exam so not surprised at all. Didn't do any afternoon problems studying and felt way too rushed during the exam. My acceptable was the first problem and it took me an hour and 20 minutes and after that I just had to try and fly through the rest. Also didn't focus nearly enough on AASHTO. Oh well I know what to focus on now and try again in the fall!
  11. Well...there goes any productivity I was going to have that Wednesday/Thursday!
  12. I used the "Chat Now" feature on the NCEES website and was told the SE Exam Grading Workshop would take place the weekend of June 4th. So results possibly the following Friday, the 9th?
  13. Buildings vertical 1st time taker here. I took the PE 2 years ago and finished both morning and afternoon in 3 hours confident I had passed. You could have given me 6 hours to take the afternoon SE exam and I still don't think I would have had time. Hopefully they give tons of partial credit because I will absolutely need it. The morning I fell like I'm probably somewhere in the mid-high 20's correct but don't feel like I deserve an "acceptable" on any of the afternoon portion. We'll see in about 8 weeks I guess but I would be very surprised if I passed. And the thing is, after taking the exam, I'm not sure I could study for 6 more months and go in to the exam in October and do any better. The time crunch is very real.
  14. A lot of people say to not study the day or two before the exam but I would like to recommend doing what YOU know works best for YOU. All of us have been through college and have plenty of experience studying for big tests and should have a good grasp as to what works best for you. Me personally for the PE a few years ago and my plan for the SE in a couple weeks is to take off and spend the day before the exam reviewing all material. I definitely agree it's not a time to be trying to learn new content and don't stay up late cramming but a little review may be good for you. I plan on reviewing my answers from the practice tests I've taken and reviewing the different codes the day before. There is going to be a lot of code lookup and the more familiar you are with the code, the quicker you can answer the question and move on to the next one. As the evening approaches, put the books away and get you something good to eat and put your feet up for a little while and rest before getting a good nights sleep. This time two weeks from now we will all either be finished with the exam or finishing the exam! I'm starting to get that excited/anxious feeling in my stomach but that usually just makes me focus and perform better. Good luck everyone!
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