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  1. So this is my first time taking this test. I passed 8 hr. I passed seismic but I did not pass Surveying. FYI I'm a structural engineer. Why does California have to require more than the minimum? WHY?
  2. ^^^ Do you think they meant end of day to be 5 pm? does a human being really sit there and manually sends thousands of emails? I'm pretty sure that in this day in age they can have an automated system. If I am right, end of day can mean 11:59 pm tonight.
  3. ^^^^ My id number is close to the above number.
  4. I think license numbers are your Identification Number provided by the board. Any thoughts?
  5. END OF DAY = End of business day? or 12 midnight?
  6. ^^^^^^ Don't forget the take home ethics exam.
  7. I just got the first email for results of state exams!
  8. I just got the first email for state exams!!!
  9. How are seismic and surveying results released? email? mail?
  10. I passed the 8HR Structural on the first try! Still waiting for Seismic and surveying!!!
  11. The last Spring PE exam in California was April 11, 2014. For this cycle, results were released on Friday May 23. That is exactly 6 weeks from the day of the exam. Results were via email beginning at 6 am on that Friday. By the same analogy, six weeks from April 17 this time around, is May 29th.
  12. Still not listed either. I took all exams for the first time. Getting anxious here.
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