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  1. In Louisiana most forms of mapping are considered engineering as well as surveying. Only mapping that requires a surveyor as opposed to an engineer is boundary surveys. I am a GIS Professional and PE in Louisiana and Florida. GIS experience can count as engineering experience. However, if you want to get licensed in other states that don't consider mapping as engineering, you'll have to show other engineering experience as well. I had to re-write my experience when I established my NCEES record for that exact reason.
  2. I'm still waiting on my license by comity. Started the process on Aug 8 and they received everything by Aug 17. Still shows under administrative review.
  3. You must have had a bad instructor. I took the PPI civil review course this spring as well. My instructor was Andy Richardson. He was awesome. I passed the exam first try.
  4. I rented it from Amazon. Flipped through it but never used or needed it. Passed first try.
  5. My NCEES record process started June 8. Went back and forth with their reviewing engineer on my experience write-up for a couple weeks. Got my record number on July 14.
  6. It is, but the same person can be a character reference and vouch for your employment experience.
  7. You also have to list a contact to verify your engineering experience. Fortunately, two of my references will also vouch for my employment. So I only needed to bother five people total. [rant] I do have a bone to pick with NCEES (I know, get in line). One reference that I wanted to use is a retired engineering professor. He has inactive PE licenses in CA and LA as well as an inactive PLS license in LA. He is a world renowned engineer that has been an expert in several high profile cases (Katrina levee flooding, BP disaster just to name a few). But since he is retired now and his licenses are inactive, NCEES will not let me use him as a character reference. They would allow me to find some green engineer four years out of school with a brand new PE stamp to be a reference, but not a highly respected, published engineer. What a joke. [/rant]
  8. How long did it take to get your record? I submitted mine application to NCEES yesterday. I'm assuming it will take a while. Do that mail something for your references to fill out?
  9. Can any of you provide some insight on the distinction between surveying services, engineering services, and mapping services? My firm is a registered engineering firm in Louisiana. We have two PEs on staff (myself and my business partner). We are a very small environmental consulting firm that also provides GIS and Mapping services. I am a certified GIS Professional (GISP) as well as my GIS Manager. According to the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board (LAPELS), there is a close relationship between land surveying and some areas of engineering. Based on our interpretation of the rules, mapping functions which require the establishment of relationships to property ownership boundaries are unique to land surveying and must be performed by a PLS. Pretty much every other type of mapping function can be performed by a PE or PLS. We do not perform property boundary surveys but we do provide many types of other mapping services. I think we are fine, but after LAPELS recently sent letters to every pipeline company in the state warning them to ensure their contractors were properly licensed and following the rules, I just wanted to double check. I've attached the portion of the LA rules that discusses surveying and mapping. Thanks Surveying and Mapping Rules.pdf
  10. I'll preface this by saying I took my FE 22 years ago. For the past 19 years I've worked for a very small environmental consulting company that does very little true engineering work. So needless to say, I had a lot of preparing to do for this exam. I took PPI review courses (breadth and depth) and practice exams (Civil Water Resources and Environmental). The PPI depth practice exams were brutal. I never was able to complete one in four hours and rarely got more than 50% correct. So that's what I was expecting on the exam. I thought the actual exam was much easier than the PPI practice exams. I was able to get an answer for every question and had time to check over my answer sheet. I never expected to say this, but did anyone else feel the actual exam was easier than expected?
  11. Received mine June 3rd. Louisiana. Already have my digital stamp!
  12. Here's what the Louisiana board told me when I asked the same question: "We are working to license those that passed the exam by June 1, which is our next board meeting. If that is the case, youll be notified by email and mail of your PE number. In early August, youll be sent an invoice to renew your PE license. In the event, licenses cannot be issued by June 1, the next meeting is July 28 and licenses will be issued at that meeting also."
  13. Pipeline, water resources does have some pressure and flows, but not a ton. Maybe 3-5 depth questions. A good bit of open channel plus all that environmental stuff like water / wastewater treatment, water chemistry, wells, etc.
  14. Civil Water Resources / Environmental First time taking the exam. 22 years after passing the FE. Haven't done much engineering for the past 18 years. Mainly environmental consulting. I knew this would be very tough, but it really wanted to do it. Took both PPI review courses: Civil with Andy Richardson and Water Resources Depth with someone else. Andy is awesome!! Both classes forced me to do lots of homework plus practice tests to qualify for their guarantee, which I fully expected to need. Got all the books that came with the classes. Pretty much the only materials I used. I rented Metcalf and Eddy, but never used it. No real secret, except for lots of studying and practice exams. Andy said to shoot for 200 hrs of prep time. I didn't keep track, but I was probably somewhere around that. Just glad this is behind me. Now to get my NCEES record.
  15. Pass Civil Water Resources & Environmental Woohoo!!!
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