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  1. PA Results?

    :party-smiley-048:Passed WR first try!
  2. PA Results?

    Somebody tell me something encouraging that leads me to believe that the results are going to be released today. I'm starting to get depressed.
  3. PA Results?

    This makes me feel better. On a side note, just imagine if the test was under the old format where they hand graded them. One of my co-workers took the SE exam which half of it is hand graded. I'll be anxious to see how soon he gets his results after ours are released.
  4. PA Results?

    Yes and no. They are opened until 5pm... But I just called and I got a canned response of "we are hoping to have licenses issued sometime next week." I didn't push the topic because I am quick to anger on sensitive items like this. If a more calm mannered person wants to call that would be awesome I think I would have lost my cool on the phone also....who gives a **** when they are going to issue licenses, we just want the results!!
  5. PA Results?

    I could be wrong but I think NCEES releases the results directly to PCS then PCS does whatever they do and send the scores to the board.
  6. PA Results?

    You sure it's a Wawa? No Wawa's in Harrisburg area... probably a Sheetz?They do seem unsophisticated enough to choose Sheetz over Wawa. Hopefully this triggers a Wawa/Sheetz debate to help pass the time Sheetz is not the problem in southcentral PA. It's that cursed Rutters that has tainted our landscape. Down with Rutters, VIVA LA WAWA! Having lived in areas with Sheetz, Rutters, and Wawa, I've found that Rutters is far by the worst of the three. Wawa and Sheetz both have redeeming qualities, but I do have a soft spot for Wawa. My thoughts exactly... let's add Turkey Hill to the basement level with Rutters too. Not their ice cream, just everything else. Have you guys heard of County Fair? I think they are by far the worst.
  7. PA Results?

    I'm starting to wonder if we will get anything this week....tomorrow marks two weeks since the first states released scores.
  8. PA Results?

    My question exactly - what the heck does PCS and the Board do with the results anyways? If NCEES says I passed I'd hope they would take their word for it. Sheetz>Wawa
  9. PA Results?

    I got impatient and emailed the PA State Board - here is what I got as a response. "We are anxiously awaiting for the results to be compiled from our testing service PCS so that the information is processed into our database. I amp hoping maybe this week but I'm not certain. As soon as the information is received, we will run immediately. Thank you for you patience and best wishes!"
  10. PA Results?

    So am I but I'm becoming more discouraged by the second.
  11. PA Results?

    I don't get why last year PA had the results on the 2nd day and this year we get this crazy email stating it could be six more weeks wait. What has changed?
  12. PA Results?

    Just looked up the next PA Engineering Board meeting date - July 8. If they wait that long to release results I'm going to be highly upset.
  13. PA Results?

    Anyone see results on the PCS website yet? I do not.
  14. PA Results?

    Just got the email also - what a line of crap.
  15. PA Results?

    I am showing up as an EIT on the license verification site as well - I'm confident I passed but we shall see. Good luck to you as well.