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  1. Did you guys have direct supervisors with IL SE licenses who reviewed your work? IL wants two years of experience under a licensed SE. I can't meet this requirement because I am in a non-SE state. How does someone from a non-SE state get around this issue?
  2. Thanks for the update. I applied on June 30th so hopefully I'll have in two weeks.
  3. To those who dealt with the state of Nebraska, how long does it take for Nebraska to issue SE license by comity? I've got my NCEES record set up and am ready to transmit it to them. Just wondering how many weeks it will take for them to review and issue a license.
  4. dvtn

    SE Tittle

    If you have NCEES record, do they still require that you get one PE reference every year? I remember that was the case a few years ago but according to current FAQ on their website it says that no action is required. I'd like to get it so I wont have to bug my old bosses every time that I apply in a new state but if they want me to add a new reference every year, then I'd rather just apply in NE alone.
  5. This was my second time taking Buildings Lateral. The morning portion seemed easier this time compared to October's exam. However, to make up for it they made afternoon portion harder than October's exam. Some questions in the morning seemed too easy and when going back to a couple of them I found that I had errors, which is making me paranoid because it seems like they tried to make a lot of questions a gotcha question with some obscure exception that you had to check for. For two of the morning questions I could not come up with an answer based on the options given so either there was a typo in the answers or I was just too dumb to figure out what went wrong after going back to those two supposedly straightforward problems multiple times. They seemed to to use completely different topics this time too with the exception of a few morning questions.
  6. Has anyone ever used this book? It has mixed reviews and I can't seem to find the 9th edition anywhere. I can only find 8th edition, which is based on old codes. Not sure if I should waste money on an older edition or not. Structural Engineering PE License Review Problems and Solutions 9th edition Author(s): David Fanella Alan Williams ISBN: 4427738370 ISBN-13: 9784427738371
  7. What was your morning score? I'm trying to see what was the highest morning failing score. So far it is 22.
  8. What were your morning and afternoon scores?
  9. I really struggled with bridge questions in the morning. I think it's very likely that I only got 1 or maybe 2 of them right. Back to nerding for me.
  10. Results are out in NC. Failed Lateral. Two acceptable and two improvement required in the afternoon. 20/40 in the morning session.
  11. This was my first time taking. I took Vertical only. I'm pretty sure that I failed since I didn't finish one of the afternoon problems (only got like one third through it) so that's automatic unacceptable and a fail. I had to guess on a bunch of questions in the morning portion due to time management issues. I do agree that it was tough but fair. There was only one question in the morning portion that made me go huh but that was because I didn't study the method to solve it. I learned that you pretty much have to memorize a lot of things because you won't have enough time to flip through your codes/references. There is no room for error either if you mess up on a problem and have to spend twice as much time on it to get the correct answer. I had a 15 page syllabus that I made with all the problems I've solved for PE/SE exams but it proved to be useless and a waste of time during the test. Hopefully, by October I'll be able to do most of the stuff from memory.
  12. dvtn

    Good Luck

    I feel like it will be an assrapening come Friday. I looked at the problems I did back in January and I was like "How the hell did I solve these?". I'm glad I didn't register for both exams otherwise I would be out of $1000 instead of $500.
  13. I was working through design problem #16 of Six Minute Solutions and according to their solution they got a Cm value half of what I got because they said that per 2011 code Cm is no longer limited to a lower limit of 0.4. 2011 code does not explicitly list 0.4 as the lower limit unlike earlier codes but going with Cm of 0.2 gives me a magnified moment that is half of what I got (4400 ft-k instead of 8800 ft-k), which is a huge difference. The way I got Cm of 0.4 is by limiting my M1/M2 ratio to no less than -0.5 as suggested in Goswami'sGoswami's All-In-One book, which makes sense since the upper slenderness ratio limit would be 40 based on equation 34-(-0.5)=40. My end moments are both equal but are in double curvature. It doesn't seem right to me that Cm should not be limited to 0.4 as in earlier codes since it can give you a magnified moment half of what you got using earlier codes and this change is significant. What are your thoughts? Have you used Cm of 0.2 recently in your designs?
  14. Congrats Bass. My former manager took lateral 4 times as well and he's practically the smartest guy in the company. That test is a beast and passing it is quite an achievement.
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