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  1. Just got my license number! Anyone know what the wall certificate looks like? Is it worth the $25? I feel like I could print the free pdf they sent on fancy paper and get the same thing...
  2. I'm thinking this pattern is beginning to show more than that this is a hard are you getting people who really don't do engineering work taking this (estimators, equipment operators, etc)? How are non-engineers able to take the test at all? My state had an application process and you had to show you do engineering work, and have licensed PEs sign off on what you were submitting. Is that not true for every state?
  3. I was at work yesterday checking my NCEES account and looking on EB every few minutes. I kept bursting out laughing at different posts and my coworker across the hall says, "you're not on that message board again, are you?" I started switching between work and checking. Finally around the afternoon I saw that I passed. Anyway, that's my eventful story.
  4. GAEnvEngineer


    Just got mine. I passed! Thank you Thunnda!
  5. GAEnvEngineer


    Anyone hear anything? What's up with Georgia?
  6. I'm so glad you did well Blue...that gives me a lot of hope. I work in industry and help with mostly air permitting and haz waste disposal, so a lot of the questions were outside my area.
  7. I have a feeling my productivity is going to suffer today. How can I work with this hanging over my head?
  8. I don't know if anyone else will care, but GA is filled in and the results haven't been released yet for us. ....or maybe they sent something to people who passed?..
  9. GAEnvEngineer


    Yeah...I'm not proud of myself.
  10. GAEnvEngineer


    I gave in and sent an email. If they are that busy, emails are easily ignored. I'll let you know if I hear back.
  11. GAEnvEngineer


    Anyone here anything about when GA will be out? I know I shouldn't but I'm so tempted to call...
  12. Did you guys thinks it was really difficult? I hate waiting, but at the same time I'm afraid to find out that I didn't pass.
  13. The wait for results is killing me...unfortunately, patience has never worked for me.
  14. That's probably beyond my powers but I can put in a good word for you. Thank you, oh Great one! ...I did always like bacon.
  15. Baconator...when can we expect GA? I don't think I did well...can you use your power to ensure I passed?
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