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  1. One more piece of somewhat unconventional advice that I would add for test strategy and one which I employ is to try and answer all questions on your first go around and from your first instinct. Not a lot of problem solving on the CS so this should be possible. I think a lot of ppl do the paralysis by analysis and change right answers to wrong ones because they feel like they have to take the entire four hours per session. Four hours isn't necessary for CS AM or PM. It's mostly about knowing answers or looking them up in your reference material. Most people should be able to finish with at least an hour to spare. I left both sessions about 90 minutes early. When I left I noticed a lot of folks had almost all the answers bubbled in. Just do a once over check after you're done for any egregious errors and get outta there. I think a lot of folks end up doing themselves more harm by sitting there doing a problem ten times and changing a right answer to a wrong one
  2. Thanks, I'm sorry for your struggles. I think the pressure relief specific reference would be helpful, I doubt very many ppl brought this. The more references that you can find would be helpful, if you can find the specific codes and standards. Some of the isa study guide and practice test questions are exactly the same. I brought an entire auitcase with me, I don't see how you pass without loads of references. In addition to all of this, I did some googling and came across a Colombian university that had Liptak volumes I&II in pdf. I printed all of those from my work printer. It was one of those things where you have to play around with the URL to get to the root and then the links are all there. Finally if I had to take it again, I would learn the proper symbol for a temperature, pressure, flow switch on a loop diagram, I didn't even know these existed and I would study level instrument zeroing and calibration
  3. I passed it this time, it was my first time taking it. I would not have been surprised if I failed either. If I did fail, I would bring a good pressure relief valve reference the next time. I maybe used my calculator once I don't remember it wasn't very useful. The calculator was essential for the chemical pe exam
  4. Cali_eng

    Oct 2015

    Depends on the state or are you trying to capture the first state to release? For the May exam in California, I got my results on the Thursday of the sixth week but I recall that I had to wait the weekend prior to that since some states released results in the fifth week and we're right there now. It looks like the California board will be having a meeting this Friday to discuss the results so they probably get released next week or the week after that. This Baconator character almost certainly knows more than any of us do. He/She accurately foretold the release dates for April and has some sort of inside info.
  5. I don't think the folks in charge would gain anything from this. NCEES gets to charge an arm and a leg for their 'record' which is a complete pain in the ass to fill out. I lost interest after a while. I don't want to submit yet another set of transcripts and all of that, I'm already a PE (plus I live and work in the best state), that should be good enough.
  6. Some ppl actually do SIL calcs for a living which I've always thought were a total crock fwiw. I'm not sure what is considered crossing the line but NCEES ministers this board and does not approve of discussing exam content. I'm not sure what is not allowed. I'm trying to be vague
  7. Overall the exam was fine, not a lot of problem solving on it in my opinion. It seemed pretty easy and was mostly what I expected. That said, I wouldn't be too surprised if I didn't pass because of those know it or you don't type of questions. I took issue with a couple of problems for being too subjective. I sent a message to NCEES regarding this, I hope they don't count these questions in the scoring. I think they've done a pretty good job overall with the exam considering the fact that it's a smaller discipline. As it turns out, the reference materials available for the test are better preparation than I was led to believe so that was good. I sat near a guy who I worked with and he was taking the CSE exam too. He only had two references and was not very well prepared. I had quite a few books and references most of which came in handy.
  8. Six minutes will be more than sufficient. I just hope they don't hit me with questions I can't answer from my references. I would prefer more quant questions but the subject itself doesn't lend itself as much to that. With number problems I usually know if I'm right or have no idea, and there's a formula with a method. I just continue to look at the passing percentage number and think my chances are pretty good. Is everybody studying this weekend?
  9. Thanks for that. There are really endless reasons to get the PE. Recognition, even better resume, personal sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, it forces you to stay sharp mentally and study certain things that one might not otherwise study, I could go on and on. Signing drawings is near the bottom to be honest. While my job wants a cse stamp for system design drawings, it's not a real reason for me. I had this whole application process in the works long before I had my present job. This might sound a little crazy but I would like to keep getting different PE's in the future. A part of me just likes the process and the study and all of the new things I learn as a result. I wouldn't mind too much if I fail this round either since I would then be forced to take a review course and get to learn some new things .
  10. Me three. I can't say that I've put in as much time as you guys, I work a lot of OT and I have a five month old baby at home with a wife that needs attention as well. The two PE's in a year has def been tough on the family. I got some studying in tonight, I think I'll def have to work on the more complex cv calcs, the tricky zero calibrations, and transfer functions. It may sound like a truism but when I'm taking the test, I really need to focus on reading the questions thoroughly.
  11. Best of luck to both of you. I have not gotten my exam authorization yet, I'm in California. When I took the Chemical PE last spring I did not get the authorization until two weeks before the exam so there's still some time. I am also using my process control textbook from college to cover some of the math topics. I have two volumes of Liptak, I think it will help with specific measurement device questions. The only thing I have for the standards is the list of what they are in the reference texts. I don't think an exhaustive and substantive list of the standards really exists and if it did it would probably cost thousands since a single standard can cost $100. Since you already took the test I presume there must be a lot of these questions. I suppose I will have to make my best guess, think hard and try to eliminate at least one answer for each. I will have to try and stay calm when I come across the types of questions that I feel are unreasonable. It would be easy to let this upset me which would then affect the way I answer other questions.
  12. I wish they would just do rolling computer based exams like they do for the FE. I know it complicates the cut score calculation but having to wait this long is silly.
  13. I've stamped P&IDs and I've seen control systems pe's stamp those as well but we've got a bunch of new network drawings, cabinet drawings, loop drawings, etc. and my company only wants a control systems stamp. That combines with the fact that they only offer this once a year puts the pressure on. I just missed the application deadline for the Oct '14 test so it's been about 18 months! since I submitted this application.
  14. I too am working in wastewater at the moment. It seems like a lot of the municipal water treatment facilities around the country are upgrading their control systems. We're putting in an Experion PKS DCS in Los Angeles, most of us are actually controls or electrical people but a few like me are also chemical. I haven't been able to find this training on the ISA website, what keywords are you using to search? My membership has elapsed, is it only visible to members? I took the PE before in the same place, there were a lot of people there before I learned a few things that will help me this time around. I'm not sure if this is universal but you can take a cell phone so long as you leave it at the front with the procters. You don't really need to bring food, there's a bunch of food places there. It's good to finish the morning session about 30 minutes early if you can manage it so you can be the first in line. If you wait the whole time, the line is fairly long. I spent the night before the exam last time in a hotel near the site but this time I will probably just drive. I felt myself starting to lose steam last time in the afternoon, I'll have to figure out a way this time to try and keep it together but it's pretty tough after 6 or 7 hours. I though putting those bookmark stickers with labels on my references was pretty useful. I'm not working the day before the exam either, I think it's going to be another week until we get the exam authorization from NCEES. Are you feeling pressure? Do you need to stamp drawings?
  15. I didn't realize that the review course videos are available on the ISA website for free, I actually called them to ask why no review classes are offered when the exam is this month but they didn't mention that, thanks. I found the Liptak books online. They are thousands of pages and I'm not sure how useful they would actually be on the test now. Ncees says the passing rate for first timers is 78% which is either the highest or second highest among all the disciplines. The second time pass rate is also higher than 50%. I'm actually going to bring the Lindberg with me to the test since its like the fe review manual but has quite a bit more stuff and a lot of material that relates to some problems we might encounter. Good to hear that they threw out some of those questions which require some random standard as reference. I'm familiar with some like NFPA but others not as much. I think we can get 20 wrong or so. I thought the chemical PE was actually pretty easy especially compared to some of the practice material. What is your experience in the industry? I think that will certainly help us a lot on this test. One thing if you're actually practicing process control, doing design, etc. you should know a lot of this stuff. A lot of the other disciplines are not out there doing the design work or solving problems which makes studying for the test harder.
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