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  1. I passed in October after failing twice. Take Testmasters....I took PPI....I thought PPI was a waste compared to Testmasters. Testmasters prepped me for those vibration problems in the PM....remember that most people will barely pass this exam so it's important to look at those afternoon problems in your diagnostic that you had trouble with. I took the online Testmasters course and it prepped me for things that the PPI review course could not prep me for twice.
  2. Texas PE Results

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MACHINE DESIGN!!!!!!! NCEES WEBSITE
  3. Texas PE Results

    Feels like a damn presidential election
  4. Texas PE Results

    I might go protest....who's with me? This is nonsense.
  5. Texas PE Results

    Starting to get quiet now....it might be over for today boys and girls
  6. Texas PE Results

    11:59 pm seriously....5:30 pm
  7. Texas PE Results

    *haven't done
  8. Texas PE Results

    All these result receivers think they're so cool with their passing scores.....while I haven't crap at work all day.....
  9. Louisiana Board "We have not received the scores"

    Not surprising for Louisiana
  10. Texas PE Results

    DAMN IT! Just did....now my heart is really racing....and I never thought I was this out of shape....holy....
  11. Texas PE Results

    Just wishful thinking at the moment...either way it's a reason to drink
  12. Texas PE Results

    Who in Houston wants to have a victory wine & beer chug next week? I do....
  13. Texas PE Results

    So this is the issue....now Texas will be last...
  14. Texas PE Results

    God damn it Infinity....I have 2 mins left or I lose the bet
  15. Texas PE Results

    Congrats! that means you passed, right?