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  1. Yeah, I had someone use my info to open a bank account in February so I had already alerted the FTC and set up monitoring all that, but apparently it doesn’t flag unemployment?
  2. FYI - I and at least three of my coworkers have had our SSN used to fraudulently file an unemployment claim in WA. Even though I'm working and not collecting unemployment right now I tried to create an account on the unemployment website (because my one coworker had alerted everyone about her SSN being used) and sure enough my SSN was linked to some random email address that wasn't mine.
  3. I've been baking 2-3 loaves of sourdough every week. I turned my starter into 75% hydration so the bread has a nice light tanginess to it now. I still haven't been able to score a banneton, so I've just been doing the second proof in a greased bowl overnight in the fridge, and it works great, but the oil just makes the top of the loaf darker than I'd like. I also just scored a whole bunch of yeast from a friend, so I'm going to be making pretzels again soon!
  4. Jumping back on the calorie deficit train. I guess all that quarantine baking is catching up to me.
  5. Printer is broken spam
  6. Spammin with @matt267 PE like the good ol days!!!
  7. I use the "Insert other media" dropdown at the bottom right and then "Insert image from URL" and paste the url for the picture...I can't remember, but I don't *think* it counts against your storage limit.
  8. Cases in WI had been slowing, but we're seeing a spike now thanks to them requiring the primary election to go forward on the 7th.
  9. Finished Season 6 of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend if you like a gritty/suspenseful cop drama.
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