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  1. Wow where did you get it made? It looks great.
  2. Mines up and up for renewal in April.... Yay. ?
  3. Thanks! I checked there but nothing yet... my friend ans i are both mechanical so hopefully soon!
  4. Where did you see it? Mine isn't updated on the dol site nor is my friend's...
  5. Yep but we did it! Feels great doesn't it?! You had the fortunate experience of going one more weekend without the official word as well ?
  6. Hang in there bud. It happens to the best of us.
  7. Couldn't wait... called DOL... records will be updated shortly and wall certificates will be sent out in about 6 weeks.
  8. It's updated everyday at 545pm... I've been checking as well except Sunday at 3am or something. Not yet. I will ask by thursday if it's not updated by then.
  9. @Road Guy mine didnt change... & could you add in the PE at the end of my username pls?
  10. Yeah that sounds like a great idea.
  11. Yeah I know what it's like.... my son is 3 and my daughter was just born when I started studying... only 7 months now. Be thankful you have this over and done with now!! ?
  12. Congratulations everyone! Hey @JHW3let me know how it turns out. Waiting sucks!!
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