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  1. YAY!! The status on my NCEES Record request went from waiting on documents to under review. This is Day 65 for me since I first started the application process. Hopefully not much longer now.
  2. I emailed them last week and all they told me was that it takes 7-10 business days to process and that all references received up to that point were processed. I find it hard to believe it is lost in the mail.
  3. The wait continues... Waiting on my last character reference and employment verification to get approved. My reference said she mailed them out June 15 and here we are July 21st and NCEES still hasn't approved them. Its like waiting to see if I passed the PE exam all over again. I started my application process May 25th.
  4. Also. I picked transportation because several of my civil pipeline buddies before me took it and passed.
  5. I took with me the HCM, green book, Transportation depth reference book, and a good transportation book from school. That's all I looked at during the afternoon part. I only used the cerm in the morning. The geometry problems were cake. Other questions like design speed, lane width, and stopping sight distance. Only so many possible questions can be asked on the transportation side. I did about 4 pratice tests and worked tons of problems to get prepared. Spent most of my time getting ready for the morning which from what I heard was much easier but broader then afternoon. I finished the morning section an hr early and felt I over prepared for the difficulty of the questions. The afternoon I had to do my best guess on 10 questions because I ran out of time. Took the test in Houston and scored a 75%. Barely passed but I'll take it.
  6. Louisiana I also am a pipeline engineer that studied civil engineering. I took transportation and passed. Cost some cash for the right reference books but found it much more straightforward then construction. I also did study about 250 hours and took a 5 all day Saturday course for the morning. Let me know if you want more details on my method.
  7. I'm a horrible test taker but I kick butt at what I do so this test scared the Jesus out of me.
  8. I barely passed at 75% but I'll take it
  9. I took mine in Houston too. Its on the Texas Board website already
  10. Baconator you still think Texas gonna release today?
  11. Congrats Whitson. PE Gods were on your side today.
  12. When is Texas posting Baconator
  13. Oh wait he said tomorrow. So he didn't get it right.
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