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  1. Hi Guy,

    Glad to hear you passed and that my recommendations and chat with you to sign over may have helped you especially Dr. NAzrul. I got a email from him thanking me for recommending many people to his class and are passing. Kudos. You took WRE?



  2. Hey Mike, happy to say I PASSED!!! Can't thank you and everyone for the encouragement after last year's defeat. Very excited and having a lot of drinks at the moment. Prayers to anyone else still waiting! Side Note: Dr. Nazrul at EET is amazing. Everyone should consider him if you're looking at taking Water Resources.
  3. Congrats everyone! Saint Joseph of Cupertino ... show me some love in Louisiana later!
  4. Kaerous - What do you do in pipelines? Rare to find individuals in pipeline taking their P.E. - I 'm also hoping for the best on my results. Goodluck.
  5. What saddens me most about this post is you used an accurate map showing the Louisiana coast fading away. A passing P.E. notification will fix my mood for the time being!
  6. HI. I was looking thru Forum and you mentioned Oct 2015 was your second time taking the exam.

    How do you feel about the exam?  

    I hope you pass : )

    engineerChik....EIT in Colorado

  7. Mike's wisdom in this matter can't be denied. I default to his judgment. But it was worth throwing it in the minds of everyone.
  8. Journal Entry #25 The wait is cold. The cat stares at me each morning as I wake up and check my email. I can sense he's secretly laughing at me as my face fills with despair at another empty inbox. What does he know? Is he playing games with me? Could he have deleted the email notification? I'm out of bud-light. The phases come and go like a light breeze in the spring. Phase 3 in the morning, Phase 4 in the afternoon. I don't know how much longer I can endure, but the warm glow of the engineering boards keep me sane. The cat has fallen asleep once more. I will try to watch him tonight. He knows something.
  9. I got an email today from PPI regarding a sale Monday. I remember earlier this year I got an email about a PPI sale for the weekend, and someone on the boards said "sale time, results will be here this week"; and boy he was right. Friday at 5pm I got the bad news. Food for thought. :D
  10. Good topic to pass the time a bit, and allow everyone to relate to each other. What stage are you currently experiencing while you wait? I finished the exam pretty comfortable. I'm finally at the point where I'm not thinking about it each day, but more or less, a few times during the week. I've had a few periods where I'm like, oh shit, what if I didn't pass..., but then I recall how well I felt after the test. Just waiting a few more weeks; I know it's almost here. How about ya'll?
  11. Looks good GB! This should be the one!
  12. Thank you! Saint Joseph of Cupertino may be tired of me chatting with him. Ha.
  13. Good Morning Friends, This was my second time taking the Civil exam. Last April I took the Construction depth after someone suggested it to me for my line of work, and I did very poor. I scored around 58% and did worse in the afternoon. For that exam I studied around 40 hours of lecture (Testmasters On-Demand), and about 20 hours of problems (two practice test). I was not heavily invested as I went offshore quite a bit during this time. After the exam was worried sick for a month. I knew in my heart the only way I could have passed was from the grace of God. Basically Divine intervention. I failed of course, which did not surprise me. It was difficult. I took the advice of many folks on the EB and switched to Water Resources. (I do some pipeline design). I also went the route of doing EET's review with Dr. Nazrul. It was the best study experience I've ever had. His depth review was phenomenal. During the morning sessions, I finished with about 30-40mins left, and checked my work. I found an error and changed it. I also was able to go through to count what I felt strong about. Here was my break down: 30 Questions - I felt comfortable I got right or knew how to work 6 Questions - I was able to remove 1-2 answers from to guess 4 Questions - I guessed outright Not a bad breakdown. I felt pretty good at lunch. During the afternoon It was relatively similar. 30-32 Questions - I felt comfortable with 4 Questions - I removed two choices and guessed 4 Questions - I had to throw out a hail mary answer I had about 15mins left in the afternoon, and again checked my work and used the time to try and find any reference in my CERM. I left the exam happy, satisfied. I reviewed the Test Masters morning classes, which helped. I put in close to 300-400 hours since mid-july. I likely worked 500-600 problems, and did a very accurate simulated exam the week prior to really pin point my strong points. The questions were tough, but luckily I was able to find a lot of the critical thinking questions in my notes from one of the exam reviews. I never want to feel confident and overlook, but I feel good and am excited to see the results. Here's to praying still! I do want to give another thanks to Dr. Nazrul (very accurate review) and the EB guys. (NJMike, Ram, etc) Your support and comments after my defeat last April helped a lot. I hope to rejoice this time. Side Note: Saturday I was beyond sloshed.
  14. Hey everyone. A big good luck to everyone testing tomorrow. As some may recall, I took the April 2015 but did not pass. I ended up with 50/80 on the civil construction depth. I took advice from many folks on the boards and switched to WRE depth due to my experience with hydraulics, and have been using EET. They have been great and I've done well on the practice problems. I took the practice simulated exam, times, and actually did better on the depth than breadth which was not the case during my construction studying. All in all I am probably 500-600 problems in between all breadth and depths. And I feel good. I'm a bit nervous but I got between a 70-85% on all my practice exams without solutions. Anyway. Here's to the second round and the wait again. After the exam will be quite a few drinks.
  15. I bought the EET WRE on demand course. I'm going to start this weekend. Wish me luck! Ha!
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