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  1. I got it. Monday evening CTS released result. Tuesday morning NCEES update, Tuesday evening SE license. Yay...
  2. Hi, Just wondering how long it takes for States to Issue SE license after the results are received? NE and IL Particularly.
  3. Well - I guess you did not read my message correctly. I said "At this point - all states have almost identical requirements..." Yes - some states "in their wisdom" need 3 more years after PE or some need 2. I guess per my perspective - these are very minor differences. All these states need to come on the same level and requirement - whatever that may be. If a state has gained this wisdom that 3 more years after PE is required - then they need to share that. Are Utah citizen's health and safety more important than rest of us, that they can't share this wisdom?
  4. I don't know about that. For me it does not make any sense that there are 50 state boards doing exactly the same thing with a minor variation. There should be one national or international registry of engineers or professionals - with states that have supplementary requirements- just insisting on those - like CA, etc. At this point - all states have almost identical requirements of education (ABET), experience (4 + years) and examination (FE and PE). What is different? If we discuss what happens in the name of license - it is even more grey area - water resources guy is practicing electrical, electrical guy is doing structural, mechanical guy is doing electrical - I am not randomly saying this - but I have specific examples - I have seen reputed companies having director of engineering as people who do not even have a professional license -
  5. what state is this? Personally, I have not come across a situation of this sort. On the contrary, there are few states like Pennsylvania that have non-engineers looking at engineers application and raising "good" questions. It is strange to say the least.
  6. Hello everyone: I am offering FE refresher - in Civil - Online - 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs for each topic - I would cover the theory, do solved examples and also tutor sample problems in each subject hour. My offer is for each unit separately - I guarantee full marks in each topic - please contact for further information. fereview2016@gmail.com Ethics and Professional Practice Engineering Economics Statics Computational tools Dynamics Materials Mechanics of Materials Structural Analysis Structural Design Construction Surveying Mathematics I would add on the remaining subjects - if there is interest. I would take the student through the theory and work the problems with the student as guided practice and then help out with extra problems so that concept is clear and required speed is achieved.
  7. Last copy left with me - if anyone is interested, please pm.
  8. Hi, I have old SDR workbook with 2012 IBC /ASCE7-2010 workbook available - good resource for SE lateral as well as CA Seismic. Asking for 70$ plus shipping.
  9. I also can offer AISC 13th edition Steel Construction manual - good condition, tabbed, etc with gentle markings, etc for 100$ plus 7$ shipping.
  10. Hi I have used books Tabbed and written on. CERM 14th edition - 75$ + 7$ priority mail box NCEES sample SE question and answer book 2014 ed 40$ + 7$ shipping. Please PM me.
  11. I am not sure why anyone would call PE civil structural as anything - if you would know a bit of history, civil structural is the root of all engineering - no one needs construction guy or geo tech guy or water resource person if the structure is not designed? geotech is done for structures, construction is of structures, water resource is managed by structures - Second and more important point - SE is not adopted by many states - in those states PE Civil structure is the ONLY licensed profession. It would be actually very idiotic to suggest take out structures all together. The place where I work even Assh---- plumbing or electrical engineers routinely stamp structural drawings without even knowing if A36 is the size of their Hole or material spec.
  12. Hi Is there some one who could share/combine some study resources for FE-Civil exam? If there is someone who is already enrolled in a refresher course, I could share the costs. I would like to appear for it within 30 days (say be 15 Jan). So just need some capsule refresher course - if there is some one who is in the same/similar boat, please PM me.
  13. Illinois here - Passed. PE Civil Structural.
  14. Hey ... Anyone interested in joining forces to tackle the SE preparation?
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