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  1. How is EET depth for Geotech?
  2. What was the failed score for Civil - Structural PM? Guys and girls who passed and who did not pass - what reference material did u use? Any suggestions? I failed with 23 in AM and 17 in PM. I did not study the PM though.
  3. When are the results coming? Today? or this week sometime? Tired of waiting. In this age of high speed internet and streaming TV - the waiting time feels like its taking too long for the results to be out. Nowadays everything has software for calculations, so I wonder maybe NCEES can speed things up by using software.
  4. Hoping for results to be out today as its 38 days today.
  5. I hope the cut score is 56 for Civil - Structural. Hope I get 33 in the AM and 23 in the PM. It does not look like I will pass this time.
  6. What was the strategy / plan you used to pass civil / structural depth? Any particular material you used? How many questions you got correct in AM & PM? Can you please help me? I am desperate to pass Civil / Structural depth.
  7. What was the strategy / plan to pass Civil / structural PM? How many hours you studied? Which reference material you used? How many practice probs you solved? Please share.
  8. I am still shocked at my AM score - its 19/40 and I thought I did 27/40 with confidence and remaining 12 with guess work.
  9. I failed 2nd time - got 41/80 -->56% - took structural PM. I did not study hard enough. This time I am making a strategy / plan and sticking to it, planning to reduce my wasted time. I am weak in the morning portion. Anybody who wants to share strategy / plan?
  10. sunny777

    Texas Result

    I failed. I can't believe it. I thought I did better than last time. Civil / Structural is tough. I wish I studied harder.
  11. sunny777

    Oct 2015

    Where is Baconator? When is TX result?
  12. sunny777

    Texas Result

    I am hoping for today in TX.
  13. sunny777

    Oct 2015

    When is TX result coming out?
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