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    CA Results

    So what is the highest license number this round? Have we broken 100,000 yet?
  2. QueenBee PE

    CA Results

    Last year it was after Memorial Day weekend. Half the country had their results but I had to go camping without my results. It was several days later that I finally got results. Not only that, but they released the 8-hr results early in the morning, and seismic and surveying weren't until 6:30 or 7:00 PM. I was dying.
  3. Don't want to burst your bubbles, but California took forever in April. It nearly ruined my Memorial Day weekend camping trip when half the country released their results but not CA. I don't expect it to be any quicker with the new fingerprinting requirement. It's also true that they released the 8-hr results in the morning then the state-specific tests in the evening. I spent that entire day refreshing my email on my computer and phone. I know it's agony, but good luck. You'll have your results within a week, good or bad.
  4. I did exactly the same thing (except a different seismic review course). I passed all three first try, and I'm so glad I set it up that way. Your tl:dr is dead-on.
  5. How did you study for the 8 hour exam? Did you use PPI course for surveying? Did you have experience with the depth you took? Thanks. I tried going through the CERM for the 8-hr and wasted way too much time going in-depth. I gave that all up and just did practice problems and exams. I did the construction depth, which I don't really have experience in, so I also had a book for that. Having all the references for the afternoon section was key, but the morning was pretty general and similar to what we learned in school. For surveying, I only studied for about a week (it was my last exam) by doing all the practice problems my brain could handle. A dictionary was helpful there. Seismic was the hardest for me, but wasn't too bad after learning the code and taking the class. I should have done more practice problems.
  6. I took the PPI Seismic review course and I would have been lost without it. I do agree the CERM for the 8-hr and the practice problems are too in-depth though.
  7. Got my certificate in the mail over the weekend
  8. PASSED CA! All three, first try. Best day ever!

  9. Woo! Passed all three the first time around! I am so glad I don't have to do that again
  10. I think there are just a whole lot more civils than all the other licencees, so the higher numbers only have civil at this point. For example, a search for license number 15000 results in an electrical, civil, and mechanical: Name Type Number Status Address City Zip County BERGEVIN KEITH WILLIAM E 15000 CLEAR 573 RUSTIC RANCH LN LINCOLN 95648 PLACER BUCKWALTER ROBERT M C 15000 CLEAR 2440 GARFIELD AVENUE CARMICHAEL 95608 SACRAMENTO HARRIS JOHN ROBERT M 15000 CANCELLED 1809 QUEENS COURT ROSEVILLE 95661 PLACER I don't have enough posts to edit that last one... But on my screen before I posted it was in a table and organized neatly! According to the Board Rules, "410. Certificates. (a) Certificates and licenses will be issued in the order in which the applicants qualify" That doesn't really clarify, but I think it depends on the order they approve us through their system, which may not be the order in which we applied.
  11. No results here. Hopefully they come out before my 3:30 meeting!
  12. And I passed! First try! Woohoo!
  13. Didn't Oregon get theirs already?
  14. I don't think they have updated the license lookup with the new results yet.
  15. From the Board's facebook page: Results for the California State-Specific Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor examinations are being sent out today to the candidate’s email address on record. Please be patient as it may take the entire day for all of the results to be sent. NCEES Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor examination results can be obtained by logging into the candidate’s NCEES account. Examination results for the Geology exams have been sent by U.S. mail to the candidate’s address of record. If you do not receive the email or letter by Friday afternoon (5/29), contact your evaluator so that a replacement may be sent to you. Please be advised that results will not be released over the phone.
  16. One more email and it's all out there! I'm sick of getting emails that just cause my pulse to skyrocket!
  17. Whoever told me Civil Construction is the easiest and has the highest pass rate definitely lied. I took their advice and passed, though, so I guess it worked!
  18. I self-studied for a week and took a day off work to crank out tons of practice problems. I felt pretty confident during the exam, but we'll see once we get results. Practice problems really boosted my confidence. I used boniface practice problems. I didn't think they were representative of the exam. Which practice problems did you use ? I used the PPI package for surveying to self-study, which is Boniface for the practice problems and Cuomo for the textbook. While studying in a cafe, I actually had someone come up to me who had worked with Cuomo and they told me how great he was. http://ppi2pass.com/civil-surveying-pe-package-surp5.html The definitions book was especially helpful on the exam. Even if the practice problems weren't exactly similar to the exam, they got me in the right mindset. I also made my own compact equation sheets that I used for quick reference throughout the exam. The equation sheet and dictionary got me through most of it pretty quickly.
  19. I self-studied for a week and took a day off work to crank out tons of practice problems. I felt pretty confident during the exam, but we'll see once we get results. Practice problems really boosted my confidence.
  20. Mine was also first try - Construction. Someone told me it was easy and had a high pass rate. I didn't realize until like yesterday that it has the lowest pass rate. I AM SO HAPPY I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN!
  21. CALIFORNIA! Finally! (except the state-specific exams, but hoping those will be out soon, too!)
  22. PASSED THE 8-HR!!! WOO! (still waiting for survey and seismic)
  23. Also, notice that all the other results threads have gone quiet because they have all received results or gone home for the day. We are being tortured over here! I should have stayed in Ohio!
  24. Yup, I've been spazzing out all over the office about it. If I fail, everyone will know right away. Why can't they just tell us if it will be today or not? I've got things to do!
  25. I tested in Sacramento and they had 300-400 PE test takers.
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