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  1. pjavery

    CA Results!

    Here I am, just randomly deciding to login to the board... and I learn @squaretaper LIT AF PE is out here showing everybody up. Like. Bruh.
  2. I wanted to update with how the April 2018 test process went. NOTE: My license number is only 4 numbers long, so CA is not just adding on to the end of the list. No idea why I was given such a "small" license ID (probably has to do with my branch), but there's that. Exam: April 13th, 2018 Results released: May 24th, 2018 Mailed in application: June 5th Application delivered: June 6th Check cashed: June 14th "Technical" review email received: June 20th License issued (checked via bpelsg's license lookup): June 27th I received all the other info (pocket certificate, then real certificate) 1-2 weeks after it was issued.
  3. Also gonna bump this thread again - I passed as well! Glad to hear the SOPE course is helpful. I'd also like to plug the online class offered by IISE - I thought it was quite helpful as well. I also referenced the IISE class binder dozens of times during the exam. Since I wish this had been here when I was prepping, I figured I'd give a breakdown of what I used to study. Materials I felt were useful, in order of usage during the exam: A Concise Reference Guide for the P&PE Industrial Exam - Daniel Bartlett (I seriously referenced this for 90% of questions; vital - I strongly suggest you get this). The IISE class binder, as mentioned above Kennedy's Review Guide Kennedy's Review Test (this came for "free" with the IISE class) A few binders with notes from college classes (Engineering Economics, Statistics, Operation Research, Mgmt Science, and Reliability & Quality Control) The NCEES FE Review book (yes, the same one they allow you to use during the FE exam; has quite a few handy formulas/tables) Industrial Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam (has a lot of practice problems, even though it's "only" for the FE) I didn't use the following all that much, but I'm still glad I brought them (I did occasionally use these to double check something, or for random definitions/lookups): Textbooks from college classes (I hadn't kept some of them after college, but I knew what I had used and went and bought old editions on Amazon for <$5): Statistical Quality Control - Douglas Montgomery Intro to Management Science (Hillier/Hillier) Operations and Supply Chain Management - Jacobs Chase Other books (I hadn't used these in college, but were useful): Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations - Omitaumu Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering - Turner/Mize/Case/Nazemetz
  4. God this is a good feeling.
  5. CA UP! 10:06am pst; 1:06est
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