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  1. pjavery

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    They do have the benefit though of now only having to review applications from folks who passed. Which should cut down the number they have to review by 30-40%. I'd bet you're right though in that they're likely still understaffed for the number of apps they'll receive.
  2. Also gonna bump this thread again - I passed as well! Glad to hear the SOPE course is helpful. I'd also like to plug the online class offered by IISE - I thought it was quite helpful as well. I also referenced the IISE class binder dozens of times during the exam. Since I wish this had been here when I was prepping, I figured I'd give a breakdown of what I used to study. Materials I felt were useful, in order of usage during the exam: A Concise Reference Guide for the P&PE Industrial Exam - Daniel Bartlett (I seriously referenced this for 90% of questions; vital - I strongly suggest you get this). The IISE class binder, as mentioned above Kennedy's Review Guide Kennedy's Review Test (this came for "free" with the IISE class) A few binders with notes from college classes (Engineering Economics, Statistics, Operation Research, Mgmt Science, and Reliability & Quality Control) The NCEES FE Review book (yes, the same one they allow you to use during the FE exam; has quite a few handy formulas/tables) Industrial Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam (has a lot of practice problems, even though it's "only" for the FE) I didn't use the following all that much, but I'm still glad I brought them (I did occasionally use these to double check something, or for random definitions/lookups): Textbooks from college classes (I hadn't kept some of them after college, but I knew what I had used and went and bought old editions on Amazon for <$5): Statistical Quality Control - Douglas Montgomery Intro to Management Science (Hillier/Hillier) Operations and Supply Chain Management - Jacobs Chase Other books (I hadn't used these in college, but were useful): Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations - Omitaumu Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering - Turner/Mize/Case/Nazemetz
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    God this is a good feeling.
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    April 2018 Results Map

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