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  1. Running Career Advice - General

    44. Never increase your mileage more than 10% per week or 5% on a given day. That way you mitigate the risk to your knees.
  2. Has anyone heard of NAFEMS (http://NAFEMS.org) and their Professional Simulation Engineer Certification? What are your thoughts on the group?
  3. LinkedIn

    I understand now. I was talking about people that list NCEES as their licensing agency under the LinkedIn Licenses and Certifications instead of listing their state board of licensing.
  4. LinkedIn

    They do review the exam, but they don't give you the license. You can get a perfect score on the exam and not get your PE License if your local licensing board decides you aren't ready or qualified. All NCEES provides is a test that can provide an overall assessment of someone's engineering knowledge. In fact, any state could provide you a license without even taking the PE exam if they had reason to believe it was not needed. The whole reason for the exam is a big CYA.
  5. LinkedIn

    I don't understand people that put NCEES as their licensing agency on Facebook. All NCEES does is provide a test for you to take. The licensing agency should be your home state's licensing board.
  6. Results Release Days

    Thanks snobum. I got a little behind yesterday. Your map looks a lot better than mine anyway, haha.
  7. Results Release Days

    Yeah, I noticed that. Unfortunately, I can't find a map file to use with matplotlib.basemaps that have Alaska and Hawaii.
  8. Yep, this sh*t again

    Damn, just missed it.
  9. Results Release Days

    The nice thing about the second version is that it is all created by a Python script and a text file. Therefore, all I have to do is update the text file, run the script, and save the image. Also, someone later on could use the script if I am not around.
  10. Results Release Days

    Ok guys, testing out something new. Do you like this map or the other one better?
  11. Results Release Days

    Thursday, May 21 (34 Days): AK KY NH NV WA Friday, May 22 (35 Days): AL IN NC OH TN TX UT WI WY Getting closer guys.
  12. Indiana Results are Pending

    Awesome man, congratulations. So far all good news in Indiana.
  13. Results Release Days

    I gotcha the second time.
  14. Ohio Results

    Wow, that type of attitude won't get you far on this board eng01.
  15. Indiana Results are Pending

    Have you checked recently? Any update?